4. September 2007


Yesterdays' teaser already reached the recipient, and I'm really so happy he likes it!

15. closed

It has 15 pockets for his many circular needles, and while taking the pictures I noticed that I don't have that many. Maybe that's why I don't consider myself a knitter? Maybe it's the lack of needles? I will have to find out about that! ^-^

Of course I asked for color preferences, but the pattern for the center pocket is inspired by his "Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen"-yarn. A yummy colorway, and because of the name I felt *forced* to use a bit of a "Dirndl"-fabric. Just a hint, but noticeable for those who "know"... *gg*


So, this is a "roll of honor" for elem, surely one of the most gifted, creative and eclectic knitters I know.
Make sure to check his blog and his podcasts for inspiration!

Kommentare :

  1. Fabulous knitting needle holder! I love the colours!! Amazing!!

  2. Cool.
    And using corduroy... I must say damn cool.
    What a great way to keep your circulars!!!

  3. Makes me wanna knit. So stinking cute.

  4. This is fantastic Katrin! Brown and aqua are among my favouritest colour combos :) Love the way you mixed and matched fabrics and textures.

  5. Great idea, Katrin! I've seen a neat storage thing for circulars in Knitty, but yours is much more organized... of course I haven't actually made anything yet. If I do I'll certainly share it!
    Love your color choice, too.

  6. Oh, I love the color, and texture combinations of the fabric!!! Great Work!

  7. Where have I been all this time!

    That is amazing and SO beautiful :)


  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a great gift!


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