16. Dezember 2007



She would make the PERFECT last-minute present... if you are still on the run, go and make one of those!
I knit my new cozy neckwarmer up in an evening, while watching "Around the Wold in 80 days" (yes, the old version). It took me only some remnants from my Wicked sweater (a little more than 1 skein of the wool I used for the collar) and a fabric covered button.
With all the stress of sewing custom knitting needle rolls for the shop and making small presents for my relatives and friends I just needed the feeling of doing something for myself (besides buying those glorious new boots yesterday... *gg*) - well, here it is: My personal make-me-feel-good-treatment.


Pattern: TUDORA by knitty.
Knit on 4.5 mm circular needles.

Loving it. ♥
Feeling very "Elisabeth" in it.

Hope you find the time to treat yourself good, too!

EDIT: Same day, in the evening.
This WAS my collar. It isn't anymore. My friend loved this so much, she literally "ripped" it from my neck... so now it's her christmas present.
We both are happy (for different reasons). Could it be better?!

Kommentare :

  1. oooh nett!!! *ooohmmichmusserstmeinensimpleknittedbodicefertigstricken*
    und die Babymütze für meinen Neffen, die Firestarters und die 113434 Projekte aus meinem Queue bei ravelry

  2. céline13:37

    Ohhh yes !!! So lovely !!!

  3. love it and i like the blue - what boots?!?!?! ('cause we all know, new Stiefel are more important :) )

  4. anea16:06

    Looks fantastic!

  5. Steht Dir ganz ausgezeichnet!
    So ein nettes Teilchen... hatte ich auch mit geliebaeugelt (ja, ich mags auch ohne Rueschen und ganz schnoerkellos!) aber ich bin ueber eine Abkuerzung in der Anleitung gestolpert. Nachdem ich nun Dein Kraegelchen gesehen habe, weiss ich aber, die Abkuerzung muss ich knacken!
    Schoenen Sonntag!

  6. This is truly gorgeous, Katrin!! Great job. I adore the colour. And those cables... Amazing that you knit this in only one evening!

    This is so funny. I've been feeling the exact same way about things lately: working like crazy for my job, crafting like crazy for the etsy shop and gifts... and this evening I've decided to take a break with all this and make myself a dress. We'll see how that goes!

  7. What a perfetc neck warmer! I simply love it :-)

  8. wow this is beautiful and you've photos are so clean!

  9. Goodness, this is gorgeous. I wish I could whip up cables that quickly ;) Mine are on the slow boat.

  10. Plain fabulous! Add you're right, this would make the perfect last minute gift.... Hum.......
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. What a gorgeous neckwarmer!! I love the color, it's lovely. You were very kind to your friend and she's lucky to have it! :)

  12. Love it!!! I'm currently knitting this in a more muted colour of blue but I adore the shade you chose! I can't wait to finish it... should be done before Christmas (at the rate I'm going, which is fairly slow). How nice of you to give it to your friend! :)

  13. thanks for the rec! i just knit this for my mother, and it is gorgeous. malbrigo. mmmmmmm. oh, and i think i'm going to be a copycat and make a fabric button. huzzah!

  14. Ach, das ist ein Schal! Es fällt mir erst jetzt wie Schuppen von den Augen ;). Sehr schönes Teil.


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