1. März 2008


to let you know I'm alive and to show what I've been up to:


Cute, eh? ^-^
I really like the pink & brown, the stripes and the polka dots and the 70s corduroy with the cute lining fabrics. Think I need one myself...

Kommentare :

  1. Wonderful bag, I love the inside especially.

  2. Hooray, my dear.
    I love the combination of the colors,
    and the design of the bag.
    It surely looks easy to use!!

  3. looks great! Did you use a pattern, or created your own?

  4. I love the bag! The colors are great and I love all the pockets and pouches!

  5. Now I want your bag! And Sigrid's bag too! :)))

  6. That's gorgeous! Love the chocolate brown color with the pink interior. Lovely

  7. Damn - how did I get so far behind?? What a GREAT bag!!! I love the pink & brown together and the lovely prints on the lining :)

  8. i LOVE this bag, the colours are fantastic!! pink and brown is one of my fave combinations!!!


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