babyquilt I - design decisions.

23. Februar 2006
i finally found the design for my sisters baby-quilt. *proud*
it´s mainly made of classic blocks called "storm at the sea" which i found just right for her, wishing to have a lighthouse pictured on the quilt.
i love classic and clear designs for my baby-quilts. no fuzz, no embellishments. washable, usable and cuddly.

back to topic.
the sats-blocks measures 12 x 12" (ca. 30 x 30 cm), so the size of the pieces allow me to play with some patterned fabric if i want to have some fishes swimming in my sea-blocks or some flowers to bloom at the beach. i´ll see what´s in my fq-stash.
finished size of the quilt will be about 60 x 60" (ca. 150 x 150 cm), depending on the border width. i´m not sure about borders yet. maybe i´ll make two smaller solid-color borders in different widths, but this is a last-minute choice and not the problem right now.

the colors and fabrics i used to design the quilt (using quilt pro v4) are NOT the ones i actually will use - it´s just a guide for me to have an eye on the shading of the whole appearance of the finished piece.

until now i don´t know if i will sew the quilt giving it a more "scrappy" look like this:

or if i make the sky in only two shades of light blue to "calm down" the whole colorscheme:

next choice: the lighthouse.
the lighthouse you see pictured on my quilt is of my own design, as in books or online i only found patterns for american or canadian lighthouses. that wasn´t what i wanted, though i´m still considering this one as a "maybe a good choice":

this picture ist taken from the book "shoreline quilts" and i´d just have to mirror the pattern and enlarge it a little bit. the pattern is nice, but i wanted something more "personal", so i took a picture of a lighthouse called "westerhever sand" (which is located in northern germany) and made a paper-piecing-pattern from it as good as i could.
we´ve been there many times with our parents when we visited our grandma and grandpa, so i thought about this lighthouse as a good choice as well. the finished lighthouse-block would be about 20" high.

and - beat me! - there´s a third possibility.... doing the whole quilt in "storm-at-the-sea"-blocks and then APPLIQUE the lighthouse in place! this would be my favourite yet most time-consuming choice of all, as i then would do the appliqué by hand as i have done this quilt. with slight adaptions (like getting rid of the fence) i could work directly from this picture:

the time-factor is a huge problem, as the baby shall arrive april, 3rd. plus i don´t know if handappliqué would work well on a baby-quilt wich will often be washed?!? and machine applique would be hell with all those tiny little shapes of the windows, so i don´t want to do that!

what do you think?


  1. coooool....

    what about embroider the windows to the fabric before appliqué(ing?) it to the main quilt?

  2. i thought about it, but i still think that the machine-seams (satin-stitch) will show off too much and maybe also be a little too bulky for the baby? ...

  3. don't know, the baby quilt I made was more "I look at it" :) I don't think my friend used it, while my sister used the one I made ( from scraps of things from our past...) but that was plain paper piecing....

  4. Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    Wow, you're so talented.
    I'm so amazed!


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