babyquilt II - cutting pain

25. Februar 2006
also i began cutting the blocks for my sisters quilt yesterday.
first, i was stash-diving for blue fabrics:

i´ll not use them all, but i like having a bigger selection while i cut. and ladies, the cutting was pain! i only cut the pieces for four blocks (the sea-blocks), because there´s some template-cutting included. if this wasn´t for my little baby-sister, i wouldn´t do this.
here the blocks are partially laid out on my cutting-table:

maybe i´ll change some fabrics in the process, but mainly i think it´s okay. i want the blocks to have all shades of the sea... dark blue, some seaweed-green, light blue and blue-green.
the fabrics with fishes on it were cut with an eye on the design, so you can see some of the fish and seahorses when the pieces are sewn together.
later i´ll sew the blocks together, hoping that i cut right.... ^^


  1. i have a major fear of cutting fabric.. i hate it and i'm no good at it! good work!

  2. thanks :) hope the whole project will turn out to my satisfaction.
    and in spite of your fear of cutting your quilt looks great, but you already know that... ^^

  3. I hate "freestyle" quilting :) I admire that you are so "fearless" and mix so many different shades of blue!

  4. well, actually it´s not freestyle. it´s really a traditional design, i just want the quilt to be colorful. childrens things should be colorful.

    but i´m thinking about a black bunting (ehm... strampelanzug?) with a red "teufelskerl" embroidered on the front.
    black ruleZ! *grin*

  5. wow, so much work to do!

  6. yesssss... and a lot of swearing will be included ;)
    but my sister is worth it :)


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