babyquilt V - sew disappointed

21. April 2006
- i could almost cry.

i made several babyquilts for friends. they may not have been perfect, but i was satisfied and everytime i was learning from it. i´m generous with small mistakes. they just happen. but i´m really disappointed with this one. this really meant a lot to me, as it´s for my sister. and i´m just about dumping it.

well, in spite of this, here´s what i´ve done until now:

pieced background, completed.

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i mentioned earlier that template-cutting isn´t one of my favourite things. every block desires 49 pieces, all cut with an eye on your color-chart for fabric placement. rarely you can cut more than 2 at a time.
but the background is finished. HAIL TO THE QUEEN, the king isn´t at home.

next step was the appliqué for the lighthouse. i decided to appliqué it rather than to sew a paperpieced one. wrong decision, again.
i pulled out my big lightbox dh made for me:

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it´s about 80 cm square. doing hand-appliqué sometimes, i cannot use those very small lightboxes you can buy for paperwork and i cannot afford the big light-tables. so i asked very talented dh to build me one, and it works GREAT!

i scanned a photo, enlarged it with the computer and used posterprinting. then i colored the outlines of the main pieces.
then i transfered the shapes to "heat´n´bond ultrahold".

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after ironing the shapes onto my fabrics (which was working very well) i let it cool, cut the shapes and ironed it to my background.
well, i tried.
didn´t work very well.
i´m not satisfied.
of course, i wanted to sew the appliqué to the background anyway, but i thought it would be nice if it would stay in place while i sew. *phew!*

here´s how it looked yesterday in the evening:

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the windows and some "shaddows" to give depth to the picture will be done using free motion embroidery. couldn´t make it much worse than it is now.

beneath my sewing and cutting table are my references (color and cutting-chart, photos...) lying around:

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so hopefully a new day will come - free from mistakes.


  1. charlotte14:33

    first of all, I can't see any mistakes.
    how about spray glue?

    looks great so far!

  2. of course, i didn´t put my focus directly on the mistakes (i mean, i´m not as dumb as i look *grin*)

    but believe me, they are THERE. and i see them... laughing at me and crying out "BAAAAAAD JOB!"

    dsis will like the blanket anyway, she appreciates the time and the work that i put inside.
    but, you know... it´s that little voice inside my head, saying "use a different technique. you could do better than this!"
    i´m sure you have heard this voice sometimes, too.

    i would need to order spray glue. no shop here carries it - except obi, and i don´t want to use "normal" spray glue (i´m not sure if it could be rinsed out...)

    now it´s temporarily fixed (though not "safely") and i will appliqué it with satin stitch. in combination with the embroidery hopefully that will work...

  3. doesn't look too bad to me :)
    I guess no one else will notice :)

    I got a package from south Germany today.....

    coooooooool patterns. thank you.

    I need to trace a couple this weekend :)

  4. charlotte18:10

    yes, i know that little guy in my ear.
    order spray glue for fabric, wondertape and some steam a seam - or send a sweet little fighting dwarf out to the city to buy some. steam a seam will be best, cause you can reposition your lighthouse several times before you glue it with your iron. with about 7€/m it's expensice, but it's really great!

    sweet little f-d

  5. you got it, tini? good! :)
    i set my eyes on some other mags, too. if i get them and you´re interested they will be "heading north". maybe i send some photos first, so you can check them out...

    charlotte, thanks for your tip - i´m a donkey sometimes...
    i think there are some leftovers s-a-s, i just have to search my stash of fusibles :o

  6. i found it - i KNEW i had some leftovers. but it´s the one-sided one...

    not my day, i think.

    i´ll use the normal two-sided fusible with paper backing i can buy at my local store. it´s not a dream, but it sticks as long as i need to place my seams...

  7. What mistakes?! I think wou should just finish it and give it away, then somebody else will decide whether it's a nice blanket or not ;-)

  8. anea21:52

    You can always use a normal glue stick like "Pritt" or "Uhu". It will wash out just fine. I have used it for positioning bias tape when appliquéing celtic knots.

  9. I think it looks great! and it must have been a lot of work judging from all the small pieces. Your sister will certainly appreciate that and not complain about any small mistakes there might be ;-)


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