new look

27. Mai 2006
... pattern no. 6160

sleeveless shirt with contrast neck band and yoke.
okay, no contrast here - but a different fabric.
i love the look of the main fabric. now i´m thinking about a shrug or matching sleeves that can be worn if needed...

shirt shirt-d

... and maybe a little skull-appliqué on the shoulder? O.ô

i´m ready.
where´s the sun???? anyone seen it for the last two weeks?


  1. Sun? I can't remember it.. what is it? Something to eat?
    Or do you mean this strange thing in the sky.. bright and warm???
    Haven't seen it for days....
    Maybe it's gone? On vacation? Or is it a new "Ice Age", but instead of the ice we get water?

    Nice shirt, btw.... did you made the fabric by yourself or was it that way?

    I would wear a skull necklace with it. ;)

  2. *g* dh builds a ship in our back yard. as soon as he collects animals i´ll start to worry...

    fabric was bought, of course! wish i could make something like that, but i don´t think it would turn out as good as i would have it.
    skull necklace, hm? i´ll search for one. think i saw one last week...

    btw: anyone happen to know where to buy similar fabric? i didn´t get enough of that one and would love to have some more...

  3. miss zwiespalt13:32

    hey - sun was seen this morning on the sky over düsseldorf.

    this shirt is really great! cool fabric

  4. Yes.. it's damn bright here today... no water from the sky!

    I've seen a fabric like that at the Stoffdschungel, but it was wool, black with torn pieces in different color. Not a fabric for a summer ( I think, we'll get one.. maybe the 7th july.. from 8:30 am to 5: 35 pm....)

  5. shirt: cool!
    sun: here :) (SCNR)

  6. barcelona speaking ;)

    of course, YOU have sun... enjoy!
    ... and then send her here!

  7. ok, I'll try! Today it was actually so hot that we preferred to stay inside... but still very enjoyable :)

  8. Wow, so cool!!
    I've never seen a cool fabric like this before!!

  9. yours truly09:38

    oh, I love barcelona.... lived there when I was a little kampfzwerg.
    and I love this shirt. can you tell us, where to find cool fabric like this one?

  10. this was a small amount (1.10 m)i found in my local fabric store.
    unfortunately it was inside the "restekiste" ;)

    i´m searching for something similar and will post when i found something.
    wanna have a longsleeve from this fabric! *hrrrrrrch*

  11. charlotte16:32

    let`s hope for hager next week!

  12. If I happen to stumble over it, I'll buy you some :)

    No sun here either

  13. No sun in supposedly warm Heidelberg, so we're running away to the beach far south from here. Perhaps you and your shirt can do the same ;-) Ah, but with no sun, perhaps you could wear the shirt with your skull scarf?

  14. No sun in supposedly warm Heidelberg, so we're running away to the beach far south from here. Perhaps you and your shirt can do the same ;-) Ah, but with no sun, perhaps you could wear the shirt with your skull scarf?

  15. You're sure this fabric was meant to look like this? ;-) If not there's hope. Take some black fabric and lots of larvas of "Anthrenus museorum" and wait...............

    All sunny here in Japan today.

  16. charlotte10:56

    it's raining a lot here in mannheim. nice to meet someone from heidelberg in this small commentbox. to celebrate my vacation I'm now heading off to my sewing palace.

  17. *bangheadonthetable* Do we get any summer here this year?
    Do I change my sewing projects and sew some nice fleece shirts instead of t-shirts?
    Were's my Ostfriesennerz?

  18. @tini: YES! 2 m for precious little self - and maybe you think of dear charlotte, too?!? :)

    @kristin: the scarf didn´t turn out as it was supposed to. i will use it as a bag handle, because that´s all it is good for... but i´ll make a new one in a different yarn later this year. i´ll try again and again....

    @alex: bin entsetzt. keine motten in meinem schank, bitte!

    @kerstin: isch hätt hier ja noch ´nen microfur zu liegen... und ´nen tollen walk.... ob ich mir da noch was draus nähe? so für´n sommer? ;)

  19. carlotta15:52

    you could double the microfur and the "walk" to make an extra cosy german summer dress. muahahaha.

  20. But that's not waterproof.... Maybe she should use a water-repellent fabric with a micro-fur lining... and a nice hat.... ;)

  21. Haha, da haben wir's mal wieder, die meisten den Motten untergeschobenen Frassschaeden an Kleidung stammen tatsaechlich von den Larven des Museumskaefers aus der Gruppe der Speckkaefer...
    Uebrigens kann man diese Zucht auch in einem abgeschlossenen Behaeltnis durchfuehren!

  22. alex, ich bin schockiert was du so in deiner freizeit treibst *gg*
    keine tiere mit mehr als vier beinen in meinem haus! iiiiih!!!

    das mit dem walk-microfur wäre zu überlegen... dabei hab ich hier schon ´n blüschen zugeschnitten *jammer*
    VIEL zu kalt!

  23. Laengst vergangene Zeiten, keine Sorge, die Zucht habe ich eingestellt ;-)


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