23. Juni 2006

bad to the boneZ

yesterday i received a parcel. looking at the adress (which was unknown to me) i started thinking "WHERE did i order SOMETHING that i now may not remember anymore?"...
happens from time to time, especially when i´m a little stressed.

but it hit me, when i unpacked it: my second paeckchenzirkel-package had arrived from marietta!
i already liked the paking!
paeckchenzirkel - marietta
she included a very nice handmade card (i like the little drawing you did!) and the package was tagged with a skull-and-crossbones-design. *love* that one!
i was already laughing when i saw this tag and then i began unpacking... there was LOTS of beautiful stuff...:
paeckchenzirkel - marietta
first, i unwrapped a pack of "steam-a-seam" - oh, marietta, how did you know? ;) thank you! it was very nice of you to think of this!
then there were very green fat quarters... matching my car, remember? they were chosen with care, as each green coordinates exactly with the others. that´s the way i like it! :)
along with the fabric came green trimming (rickrack) and some pretty cool turquoise buttons with a pic of the empire-state-building. now i can show off and make people pretend i´ve been there... *g*

then i must have been falling off my chair as i unpacked four SKULL-AND-CROSSBONES NAPKINS with matching rings!!!
ladies, in the future we will have our bbq in style! no more paper napkins with printed flowers for us - NO! we will "dine upperclass" with those fabulous table-accessories.

even dh was excited, and that really means a lot!
but we (he stayed behind me, looking over my shoulder as i unpacked the last gift as now he was curious, too...) were all eyes when we saw the teapot-jigamathingoverthere (einen teepottwaermer...anyone to translate?). i never got into the mood of sewing it myself? now i have one and it´s very stylish!

all i can say is THANK YOU for a "package with style and bones". a pirate-package. arrrrrrrrrr!

come on, everyone: ENVY ME! yeah! ;)

Kommentare :

  1. All right, I DO envy you... *yarrrrrr*

  2. you are very welcome! tea cozy auf englisch! you had the whole pirate theme going...which made it fun, now my husband wants a tea cozy like the one i made for you - as well several other people i work with..but your is he first! the original! ;)

  3. So thoughtful! And original! Stylish. That's really a fantastic package.
    Congratulations on this, Katrin!

  4. wow this is soo cool! Picking up the pirate theme was a great idea, Marietta!

  5. now someone else needs to finish it with matching placemats hahahahahaha

  6. So wonderful! You've got the most stylish kitchen accessories ever!

  7. thank you all, ladies.

    those things are really amazing, and indeed i thought of a matching tablecloth and some other stuff... ;)
    but there are so many things to do first, i almost can´t think "a straight line", if you know what i mean...

  8. I'm back and able to leave a comment again!
    What was wrong with my PC???
    Anyway, you must be so happy with goodies!!

  9. That is one cool tea cozy. Beats my mums flowery one hands down.


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