i´m a pirate, baby!

2. Juni 2006
remember me cutting this lino-stamp?

after waiting for the right creamy paint to come along, i´ve finally made it! the onesie for my little pirate is finished:


okay, the zipper is grey - but i never have the right zipper handy, and from the outside you can´t see it anyway, so i think little ian won´t complain about it.
the testprints with the new color (a cheap one from vbs!) were better than on the actual piece, but i´m satisfied with the results.
the prints work better on woven than on knit fabrics!

i´ll try to take a pic of the onesie WITH my nephew inside the next days.



  1. ach nein, ist das cool!
    ich freu mich schon auf das "angezogene" foto!

    LG *11e

  2. Sweet! I hope he won't get rastas or any gold teeth?
    What about a litte bandana or a bib with a little skull?

  3. elfenundKAMPFZWERGe13:57

    oh so cute!
    yes, the skull-bib and the bandana are a must have!

    I always wanted a baby with cute black clothes. it's sooo cool.

  4. danke, danke.... *stolz*

    no teeth in sight yet. neither golden ones nor others.
    not enough hair for rastas. plus he´s reddish-blonde, so he´ll be no "jack sparrow, the younger". unfortunately.... *sigh*
    klar soweit? XD

    charlotte, you can borrow him from time to time. sometimes dsis would be GLAD, i think. he isn´t all sunshine during the day. plus he isn´t "clean". there must be a leak somewhere... ;)

    it´s just... i can´t sew as fast as he grows!!!

  5. Give him some rum... he'll be a little sunshine all day long! ;) And also during the night...

  6. Anonymous08:20

    he needs a golden earring!

  7. rum and an earring? his dad will kill me! ;)

  8. Yes, maybe.. but the baby will look pretty cool!

  9. What about a little tattoo?? Just a small one... *ggg*

  10. his godmother is a pirate...?

  11. *hrrrrrch* i´m a pirate.

    no, in real life i´m a perfect square, i fear.

    tattoos? dreadlocks? piercing? what do you want to do to my nephew?
    those things will come early enough, and i fear my sister won´t be very amused about it *g*

  12. O.K. let this little fellow grow up normally ( as far as it is possible with this aunt... *ggg* )

  13. OH wow, that rocks!


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