my best friend´s wedding

4. Juli 2006
and how the dress turned out.

first of all: the wedding was on saturday and it was wonderful. it took place in a small castle and the surrounding, the weather, the food - everything was perfect.

as "best man" for my friend (or is it called "best woman" in my case?) i wanted to have a nice outfit, but nothing that would be too overdressed. as you remember, i started to sew my wedding dress ten days ago and took the pattern from the book "simple chic" by machiko kayaki.
i don´t tell you every bit of sewing, i´ll just show the finished piece:

frontbackside breast area

okay, the pic of the backside and the invisible zipper is a bit crooked, but you´ll have to live with that. maybe there will be some pics from the wedding and me wearing it, but i haven´t seen them now. maybe i need to censor them.
in the end i´m pretty satisfied with how it turned out, though it´s not perfect. it fits well, and that´s what counts, don´t you agree?
i prolonged the satin ribbons that go around the neckline to tie it around the waist and bind it in the back. dh liked it as "it *breaks* the pattern", as he said.

the dress was finished with the last stitches by hand at 2 o´clock in the morning before the wedding took place. *phew!*

in the meantime (after making the bag and while finishing my dress) i also made the ring pillow (or is it called ring cushion?) for the wedding, for the first time ever using the embroidery part of my sewing machine.
this is the testrun... still searching the right colors for the initials i wanted to embroider to the heart shaped pillow:


i wanted to stay in the color scheme of the brides dress and her new dhs clothes, so there was the choice between off-white and a deep, golden brown. finally i decided to take both.


i covered one side with crocheted vintage lace that matched her dress. the pic is a bit dark, you´ll have to imagine the colors off-white and golden brown.... this photo was taken at midnight, so no-one can really blame me being a bad photographer.

and... last but not least the wedding magazine was finished.


someone asked if i work well when under pressure. well, i need to admit that at least i DO work, when i´m under pressure. normally i´m a friend of the "long bench"... ^^

anyway. thank you for your helping thoughts with the dress!
next thing from this book is surely to come whenever i find the time, but first there´s a ball coming up at july 29th and i need a *long* robe... we´ll see what happens *g*


  1. The dress turned out beautifully! I hope to see a picture of you modeling it as well.

  2. Very pretty dress! The zipper looks good.. I won't use a magnifier! *fg*
    You also belong to the "Made in Eile" Club???
    I'm best when I'm under pressure, remember the dress for my niece.. I had one week.
    Did you write the wedding magazine by hand? It looks very stylish!

  3. ich finde es schaut super aus....
    der stoff und der schnitt sind super gewählt...und an dir sieht es bestimmt klasse aus ;)

  4. wow... gorgeous!
    I was wondering, if you were sewing so much, that you could not blog ;) LOL

  5. charlotte15:05

    so beautiful, worth waiting for! nice dots ;-)

    hope to see the best woman's flickr album soon....

  6. btw its maid/matron of honour :)

  7. Matron of honour.. yuk, that sounds like an elderly woman wearing a lavender dress and a pearl neckless...

  8. seems there are different words for it. bil says "best man", so i took this. i also heard "grooms man" and "witness to the marriage", but i like the sound of "best man".
    so whatever it´s called, i were it *grin*

  9. charlotte18:09

    the matron....maddy needs not only a pearl necklace, but a big, big ....character.

    two pounds each. at least. like margareth rutherford.


  10. It's really gorgeous and I love the fabric and the ribbon bow of course *g*

  11. The dress turned out beautifully!!

  12. so. first of all: thank you for your kind comments ^^
    i know that you all can do better than me, but it tastes like honey *gg*

    second: WHO said something against MY BELOVED miss marple? yeah, dude! she and mr. stringer rock the boat, and i really like those wacky old films ;)
    don´t you, charlotte? *g*

  13. Well, Miss Marple is a role model for a matron, isn't she?
    Maybe you should have worn a tweed skirt and a ivory blouse... with a sash.... *fg*

  14. Katrin, you are amazing!!!
    I am really impressed that you are capable of drawing your patterns from these japanese books and make not only real clothes from them but those beautiful dresses!

  15. Love, love your dress, it really is amazing. I like the ribbons and neckline, vry nice. Pulling a late nighter with hand stitching, like a super heroin or something!
    What an adorable ring bearer pillow, simply lovely.
    Wedding mag, gosh that's a lot! You sure are busy! - and you are a giver : )

  16. charlotte13:48

    I do love margaret rutherford! she's the one! and I can whistle the title song...

    "we all can do better"
    that*s not true. I will throw away my raglan-pattern, 'cos I look like margaret in it. did it twice, as a blouse and a dress. the dress can be worn at home and the blouse - no way.

    hurray for maddy! she's the master of the japanese polka dots.

  17. wow, great dress! And I love the ring cushion!!

  18. WOW, what a beautiful dress you created!!
    This is stunning, madhatter!
    Well done, baby!
    I'm so excited to see the dress, somehow!

  19. thank you all for your compliments ^.^
    means much to me that they´re coming from ladies who are crafty and talented themselves.


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