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7. Juli 2006
as wrap dresses are up to date these days i thought i might have one, too.
two weeks ago there was the high summer 2006 issue of "mrs. stylebook" in my mailbox.

Mrs. Style Book

as i was "wrapped up" in my projects for the wedding i just browsed the magazine, but did not sew anything from it.
leafing through the mag again last weekend i recognized that they provided a little extra this time: a full-size pattern for modell 1 - 5 from this issue! what a surprise! no drafting neccessary - just plain copying and you´re ready to go!
(modell no. 1 - 5 are based on the same pattern, so actually they don´t give you 5 patterns, but 1 that can be altered...)
i decided for modell no. 1: a wrap dress

Dress Dress

of course i didn´t want to look like a dead chicken (i´m sorry, but the color-combination of the models skin and the main dress color just make me think of a dead, naked chicken... or a dead roll, if you prefer... though the model´s very pretty) so i took some flower fabric (yes!) from my stash and sat down to sew.

this dress was easy as a wink, mainly because i didn´t need to draft the pattern, i didn´t need to alter the pattern and it isn´t lined. plain, brainless sewing. no thinking, no fuss. that´s the way i like it ^.^

wrap dress wrap dress, backside

it´s very flowery, but the flowers are on a black ground. think i can handle this.

and (not joking!) i used the fabrics left side as the right side. believe me: the "real" right side is MUCH louder! on the left side the pattern looked "vintage" to me, so i decided to turn the fabric.
there´s no hem on the skirt, as hemming would have revealed my knees, which i don´t like. you´ll hardly see me in anything that doesn´t cover up my knees, so i just bias-bound the hem, which makes it stand out a little. i quite like it.
this dress is just for me to wear in and around my house. it´s not supposed to be seen in my office or somewhere else. it´s lightweight and fluttering. good when it´s just hot-hot-hot and everything you wear just feels "too much".

that´s all i got for this week... hope you have nice and stress-free weekends!


  1. Flowers! BIG flowers... Wow! You're sure you want to wear this? ô.O

    Why not wear it outside the house, even better than elastic waistband trousers and shirts. *fg*

  2. super! einfach genial! würde ja gerne mal die rechte seite des stoffs sehen...

  3. charlotte17:54

    you must have a perfect body to wear a wrapped dress. it shows everything.

    the madhatter sure has the figure for a dress like this. applause from the south!

    would like to see the right side of the fabric and some pics with maddy right IN it.

  4. cute dress - one of these days there will need to be a pic of you in your dresses - i love using the wrong side of bold prints - then you get the colour without the neon effect - i have a pink floral skirt like that - just to bright on the right side, but perfect on the wrong

  5. super tolles kleid...

    sag mal wie fallen den die kleider bei dem magazin aus...
    ist es auch was für große frauen ;) ?

  6. Must look very cute on you. Cute... you may not like that, don't you?
    Oh, yes, please show us the right side and the dress with the girl inside ;-)

  7. no pics of me and my inner madhatter - at least none that are taken when i notice being photographed. dh always makes us look like .... well, somehow NOT good. maybe you´ll get a snap shot some time later *g*

    isa, ich bin nichtmal 1,60 groß und mir passen die kleider 100%ig. imho nichts für große frauen, du müßtest nicht nur die länge anpassen, sondern in deinem fall auch die weite - die schnitte werden ja nach einem bestimmten schema erstellt, und bei 38er maßen (mal als beispiel) ist der schnitt eben auch kurz.
    je größer die maße, desto länger der schnitt. wenn du nun z. b. 1,75 wärest, dann müßtest du eine oberweite von ca. 130 cm vorweisen, damit dein schnitt die richtige länge hat. ich wage mal zu behaupten, daß deine taille und hüfte dann nicht mehr zum rest passen...
    äh.. hat das nun jemand kapiert? *grübel*

    alex, i AM cute. cute and dark. with a black soul and evil thoughts. can live with that. *gg*
    outside cuteness is a good mask. makes live easier when you´re bad to the bones on the inside ;)

    nicht, daß mir hier mein schlechter ruf verlorengeht!

  8. Sorry, you've ruined your bad name with those big flowers...
    A flowery baddie?? Errrrrr... no... *fg*
    Only if you wear a skull necklace with it!

  9. oh yes, she's soooo bad and mean - and behind her sweet face is a skull. promised.


  10. Art Yarns are an American company. Their website is

    They have a stores section with a list of online stockists.

  11. oh shit,

    das kann ich dann bei meiner größe von 1,80 m vergessen :(

  12. charlotte17:37

    where is our mad hatter in these hot and steamy days?
    meltdown in bad k.?

  13. wow, you wipped up that dress in nooooo time....
    *I'm unworthy*


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