some japanese goodies

19. Juli 2006
to brighten up my day!

last week i ordered some small items at kumis shop "atelier jade" in japan. she had this lovely cram cream tape that i just needed to have, and i found some more nice little things that i ordered right away. as i knew she was very busy with a fair she was invited to sell her selfmade things i thought it might take a while before my order arrived - but to my astonishment it already arrived yesterday in the evening!


there are some goldfish stickers saying "happy hot summer" (btw: my happy-hot-summer goldfish is available at etsy), some origami paper to fold cute little dresses, some putidepome-ribbon to embellish my nephew´s next pants, the cram cream tape and two pieces of lovely, summer-styled fabric ^^
thank you for your superfast shipping, kumi!

another cheer-up arrived in form of a new book:


some very nice patterns for small bags are included. and i love to look at those advertisements, though all the japanese shops don´t provide an english site, so you don´t even have the *chance* to order something. damn! very cute fabrics and some hot-hot-hot notions for bagmaking!
to spy inside the mag, click here.

and - last but not least - the whiplash bag competition has ended. be sure to go there and browse the bags - there are some real inspiring and pretty ones to see!

after browsing them you may want to leave your "vote" for your favoured bag(s) in this whipup blog entry. i´m sure you´ll find more faves than you might think! ^^


  1. ach ja,

    kumi hat immer so tolle sachen...
    ich hab schon ne zweite bestellung bei ihr laufen ;)

  2. nagano17:42

    well - i guess you can order at least *something*...but as there is no english page, it might be a big surprise *hrch*

  3. the whiplash thing isn't really fair: your pirate bag (and the story around it!) is great, Alex' "ugly" bag is great, and there are even more... it soo hard to decide!

  4. Those cuties you ordered aren't looking much like you... more like auntie Katrin :-) I am curious what you create of the marine fabric and the one with the laundry. ayou won't combine the putidepome tape with some skulls, won't you?!

    I like those fish, very Japanese!

  5. I just found your fish on etsy... funny things! Those lips! What a great idea.

  6. can I vote for you on whiplash? or is it just the blogowner's decision?
    there are only two or three bags I like and my favourite is clear, isn't it?
    big grin from

  7. Glad to hear that you already got the package!


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