as i promised

21. August 2006
some sewing stuff!
last week i WAS sewing. not much, though.
this is what came out: mcCalls 4872. close fitting, but with wide sleeves.


picture of backside found here.
the shirt fits well, but i usually don´t wear something that is *that* fitted. the neckline also seems to be too wide for my taste.
anyway, it´s SO nice to wear. very comfy! :)

fabric for the body is bought in aschaffenburg, the black jersey for the sleeves comes from my local fabric store.

let me also mention that the whiplash competition for august has ended. be sure to see all the great entries listed, there are so many great and inspiring things to see!
then you may vote for your favorites in this whipup-entry.
(as i was asked before: yes, everyone can vote. it isn´t neccessary to be a member of the site and it doesn´t matter if you took part in the actual competition.)

have a nice week and a lot of fun browsing!


  1. I love your fabric choice, what a great looking top!

  2. I don't think that the neckline ist too wide. Looks perfect to me! You're not a nun... show your goodies. ;)

  3. Yes, the fabric is amazing, I love the cut too, looks like some high end designer work!


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