DIY: Organize your trim & get crafty!

28. August 2006
One of my biggest problems is organizing all the small stuff I own... buttons, pearls, trim.
I got small boxes for the buttons, even smaller ones for beads and pearls and I have boxes for zippers and thread spools - but my trim is a mess.
It´s a big knotted ball, no matter how I try to wind or roll it, after a few days it´s a gordic knot once again.

Do you experience the same problems?
Join me in getting organized AND feel crafty while doing so:

Take some cardboard (the stiffer the better), draw any shape on it you want.
Just take care that at top and bottom the shape is wider than it is in the middle, so your trim won´t slip off your organizing shape.
Cut it out.

trim organizer

Add a small slit where the end(s) of your trim can be anchored. 
Begin to organize!
skully trim organizer

This works with almost any shape, as you can see here

It´s a bit of work, but it´s fun... maybe in three weeks my trims are organized ;)

Have fun!


  1. They're fantastic! There's nothing quite like making your own tools. I've seen plastic pom-pom makers and plastic cord makers but why bother buying when pom-pom makers can be cut out of cardboard and the first ever cord maker I owned was an old cottom reel with some nails banged in the top courtesy of my dad.

  2. Thank you, thank you, I do have this problem. What a brilliant idea, so simple but so clever! And I love that we can make it our own!

  3. he is kind of a gingerbread man meets skulls! :)
    makes the cleaning and organizing more fun, that's for sure!

  4. what a great idea!!!!
    i also have to get organized in my sewing room...

  5. This makes me weep with joy :') I love it! It's so sweet and dark. Skully tim organizers for the win!

    My problem is organizing my organizers! I'm _very_ visually orientated, so I like to see everything all at once all the time, otherwise I forget what I have. Have still not figured out a solution to this problem, except maybe moving into a warehouse and sticking everything to the walls. Sigh.

  6. super idee....

    jetzt kann ich auch mal endlich mein chaos bewältigen....
    meine "bänder-box" ist nämlich schon übervoll und nun brauche langsam alternativen...

  7. Your idea is fabulous! I guess these skully helpers bring some joy to you and make you actually like organizing your trims for a while. Keep my fingers crossed that the pleasure will stay with you very long!!!

    I've got the same problem and hope, everything will be better when I am having more time.

  8. ladies,
    yesterday dh saw me cutting out some dog bones .... and he had a better idea.
    we´ll see how it turns out. maybe there will be an even better organized trim-jigamathingoverthere in a few days ^.^

  9. Congratulations on your Whiplash win! Your tutorial is excellent.

  10. He he he!
    So cool and clever.
    Girl, you're so talented!!


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