7. August 2006


lacey by knitty really took me loooong to finish.
i´m not a perfect knitter. never was & probably never will be, but it´s fun to do, so i just knit when "it comes over me".

with lacey i´m pretty satisfied, though somewhere in between there suddenly was one stitch more on my needle... nevermind - i just k2tog the next row *coughcough*.
today i took some pics to share with you:

lacey-front lacey-back

a detail shot of the lace pattern can be seen here.

for my version i used lace weight mohair yarn by junghans.

to see the original please follow the link to the knitty archives.

obviously other people did like this pattern, too: have a look here, here and here, then go and get you some yarn and needles!

Kommentare :

  1. My father would have asked, how something made of so many holes could take much time... I just say WOW!

  2. it's sooo beautiful!

    so sorry, I can't knit anymore.

    tonight I did some linol cutting. I had to stop now, my arm hurts. may be I should take my skull stamp to embellish the boring grey blouse?

    may be I cut out a matching bone...

    meanwhile...chapeau! for katrin.

  3. y.t I have a cookie cutter in bone shape :) Don't you just love www.cookiecutter.com ?
    Katrin, lacey is gorgeous... I have never understood how to make these lacey things... maybe you can show me in Aachen?

  4. thanks, ladies ^^

    alex, this shrug was hidden in a box for almost half a year. i digged it out to finish it just in time for autumn.

    charlotte, take your stamp. i won´t use mine on my project, so you´re free to use yours. matching bones sounds great!

    tini - i think that liane would be the more able partner for knitting questions, but the pattern for lacey is very clear, i´m sure you can do this, too! (i mean... when I did it... everyone can do it!)
    but you will use a different color, won´t you?! ;)

  5. Cute! It's black, it's cool.. it's yours. ;)

    @tini Making lacey things is just hanging on the pattern, making loops and getting meshes together. If you got it once, it's quite easy.

  6. It's beautiful *schmacht* :-)

    Ich liebägel ja grad irgendwie mit dem Stricken. Ich brauch dringend noch ein Hobby wo man bergeweise Material ansammln kann *hust* Vielleicht liegt dieses Interesse aber auch einfach daran, dass ich grad verzweifelt und erfolglos nach schönem Strickstoff such *seufz* *zu faul für Englisch*

  7. Michele in Florida05:19

    No missing package here!! It arrived, and I am speechless!!! Well, not at all, as I am going to write you a long email describing my joy at all of the wonderful things you sent me - yes, great magazines, but the custom made gifts just for me!!! I am so lucky!! Ok, here is where I tell you that I am staying up most of the night to finish a project due tomorrow - and will not be able to send my long, happy email til then! Apologies now, and many ***THANKS*** for my wonderful package of goodies! :-) :-) :-)

  8. Oh, my!
    What a beautiful piece you made, Katrin!
    So gorgeous!!
    How long did it take?
    It looks so complicated!!

  9. it took more than 6 months, kumi. but most of the time it was hidden in a big box in my wardrobe. it could be done *much* faster if you keep knitting every day!

    michele, i´m happy and delighted(!) to hear the parcel arrived & you like the stuff ^^

    ob ich jetzt zum zerschneiden stricken würde... hmmm... *grübel*
    ne. nicht wirklich. aber du hast recht. einen "richtig schönen" strickstoff hab ich auch noch nicht gesehen (jedenfalls nicht in erschwinglichen preislagen).

  10. It's beautiful, I couldn't do that. Love it, it's so pretty.

  11. thanks gina. maybe you should just give it a try? ;)


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