10. August 2006

mag swap

heaven thanks michele (unfortunately without a blog, otherwise i´d provide you with a link... *hinthint*) finally got her mag swap parcel from me. it took more than five weeks to get to florida and i more than once thought that everything might be lost. not that i cared about the magazines... ;)
remember the parcel i got from her? the one with the pirate´s issue of "knit.1"... ^^

as i know you´re curious here is what i sent her:
magazines, of course. wouldn´t be a mag swap without them!


you can see from the magazines i chose that she´s a natural born knitter and (what a coincidence!) it was clear to me that i wanted to send her a goodie that is suitable to her hobby. from e-mailing i knew that she likes skull and crossbones designs just as much as i (me?), and after thinking a lot i decided to make a knitting needle roll and a small "cell phone monster" for her:

knitting needle case cell phone monster

to see details of the roll and the cute cell phone eating bunny, have a look HERE.

i feel very delighted that the parcel arrived and that she likes the goodie-stuff that went with the mags :)
*michele, let me know if you´ll post pics on flickr or if i should send my pics to the group pool. thanks! ;) *
thanks again to adriana for organizing this swap - it was a lot of fun!

now i´m off. whip-lashing. hope i can make it to the deadline... ;)

Kommentare :

  1. Wow, how cool is that! So good.

  2. All's well that ends well ;-)
    That really took some time! The cell phone eating bunny looks weird, in a funny way, I mean. Too cute.
    I am happy forboth of you that your package didn't get lost, would have been too bad, also for the mags ;-)

  3. my comment has vanished. how curious...

    thanks gina :)

    alex, do you want some knitting magazines over there in japan? i´d be glad to send you some...

  4. charlotte06:21

    that bunny is funny, is there a how to?
    do you know the deadline for whipup?

  5. nagano12:25

    crazy bunny!!! i like it!!! if it returns, you can send it to me :D

  6. charlotte darling, look at your shoutbox ^^

    don´t think the bunny comes back to me ;)
    how much do you want one, nagano? *gg*


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