The transvestite shirt tutorial or How to turn a men's shirt into a blouse

12. August 2006
new month, a new challenge from whiplash:
this time, it´s "wardrobe surgury", which doesn´t tell me anything at the start, as i´m more a "sew new" than a "refashionista".
well, that´s part of a challenge, isn´t it? try something new - in the end you´re successful or you fail.
for larger views of the pictures, please click on them. thanks! ^.^

my wardrobe was radically sorted out in spring, so there really was nothing i could (or wanted) to change in any way. but i´m kind of smart... i read the rules... they don´t say you have to stay in your OWN wardrobe... *evilgrin*
so i dived right into the husbands wardrobe and luckily found a dress shirt that he surely doesn´t need anymore (at least he won´t need it anymore when i´m finished with it...)

whiplash-mens-dress-shirt-f whiplash-mens-dress-shirt-b

after a lot of thinking and sewing, this is what came out - a crazysexycool blouse for precious little self:


and after some time, again spent thinking, this is the final result, gracefully performed by me:


but, unlike you might think - this entry is for the "tutorial"-section of this miss the tutorial? yes, i know...
unfortunately the tutorial for my transvestite shirt is wayyyy too big to put it in the blog directly - with all the pictures etc. it would just go beyond its scope, so especially for you, you and YOU i made an online-version of the tutorial for you to read AND a downloadable version (available as *.pdf-file).

*** Due to a provider change neither the html-version nor the pdf-version of this pattern are available at the moment. I'm working on renewing the pdf (no security-copies here), but I don't know when it will be up again. ***
If you have downloaded the pdf or html version earlier, please let me know & send it to me, this would speed things up a lot!
Thanks for your patience!

obviously the husband won´t wear his dress shirt anymore.
maybe i should go to dive into his wardrobe again.... ?!? ;)

hope you like this...  let me know! i also appreciate hints to approve it, an e-mail adress is provided in both files.

thanks for stopping by ^.^


  1. yours truly23:09

    I'm impressed.

  2. Gush, that's cool.... I love the pink scull.. ;)

  3. das ist one coolio shirt! love it!

  4. Oh my, what have you done?!
    That's such a great blouse (again, SO YOU) and the tutorial is amazing!!!

  5. have not read the tutorial but that shirt is amazing and you look fantastic!!!!! brilliant idea! really 1. klass!

  6. Great shirt, great tutorial! It looks awesome on you too. I had a look through your flickr photos and you've made a lot of great things. I'm going to enjoy poking around here and going through your links today :)

  7. cool shirt... How is that working with the contests? You have to start after the first of the month and have to enter till the 15th?

  8. thanks, ladies :)

    i really enjoyed doing this.

    dh called the shirt the "room-maidens shirt", as it has this lacey collar and "wings". well, think the next thing may be a room-maidens hat.... or whatever those funny little things on their heads are called... *grin*

  9. Great shirt...I am going to have to try this. The sleeves are great!

  10. echt cool und typisch katrin!!! :)

  11. Du hast gewonnen, wie cooooool!
    SO verdient!

    Meinen Glueckwunsch, Katrin!!!!!


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