babyquilt VI - final fantasy.

27. September 2006
finally i did it.
it´s finished - the baby quilt for my little nephew.

ian´s quilt

detail shots and backside pictures can be found on flickr, as usual.

quilting pain

it´s machine quilted, because of the squillions of seams... i don´t think i could have quilted it by hand - it was painful enough to do it this way, even though dh built my sewing table so i´d be able to sink the machine for quilting (i just have to say it again: he´s so talented, my very own tim taylor!).
the binding is sewn by hand, of course. i´m not THAT lazy...

in the end i´m almost satisfied with how it turned out. oh, yes... it could be better, i know. i recognized mistakes in sewing as well as in quilting, but after all the pain with cutting, sewing and non-sticking appliqués it´s the best you can get. to be honest: in the end i just wanted to have it off the table.

i named the quilt "der sichere hafen" (meaning "the safe harbour"), as this is what family and friends should be and hopefully always will be. i think that is why my sister wanted a lighthouse as theme for little ians quilt.

now you may keep your fingers crossed that my sister and the baby really will like what i did...


  1. charlotte23:57

    I like it!
    and I know the feeling, if you can't stand it anymore with a project. now you can go on....e.g. with a nice little report of our aachen-congress.


  2. My comments keep on vanishing here... I am trying one more time, but this time I make it short, who knows where this one is going :-/
    Great quilt, Katrin, I am proud you made it through!

  3. Hahahaaaaa, of course, this one went through *sigh*...
    Lovely how you incorpurated the boy's name!

  4. katrib,

    die decke ist super geworden...
    leider traue ich mich nicht an sooo große sachen ran...

    bin ganz neidisch ;)

  5. ups,

    ich meine natürlich k a t r i n ;)

  6. tini07:47

    if your Dsis does NOT like it, send it to Dänischenhagen... I still have to finish that babyquilt too ( add to the list...)

  7. kristin La Flamme08:17

    How could they not like it? It turned out lovely :-)

  8. ladies, you´re sweet. thanks :)

  9. I really like so many things about this quilt. You executed the theme perfectly. I like how you incorporated the traditional blocks into a modern design. The quilting looks beautiful too. What a wonderful gift for your nephew.

  10. i'm impressed! one of these days i really need to take to quilting...

  11. Congratulations on finishing it. It looks fantastic.

  12. I'm sure it will be deeply loved, it is so lovable! I really admire your hard work.

  13. thank you all :)
    meanwhile i´ve given it away and my sister likes it!
    i also think the baby likes it - he´s always pointing out to bright colors and fish-themed fabric pieces. i interprete it as "i like this!". of course it also could mean "hey! what´s wrong with you? will you make me color-blind?"... but i don´t think so ;)


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