boo to you!

31. Oktober 2006

today´s halloween. so: BOO!

we´ll have our annual dinner, celebrating samhain, now and then disturbed by kids asking for treats.
(f.y.i: the new issue of the anticraft is online!)

i spent the last days preparing, decorating and carving pumpkins. this years lanterns are better than last years, but i still try to figure out the fine work of carving.

another reason to celebrate is the bloggiversary of your favourite madhatters blog (if you don´t know what i´m talking about: it´s THIS very blog...*eg*). one year of nonsense and still you stick with me... and it´s amazing to see where you all come from (yes, i spy...)!
of course i´m aware that my first post wasn´t exactly on halloween, but hey - it´s my blog. i can do what i want! *g*

and because halloween is a trick-or-treat-thing and anniversaries just scream for presents, i thought of a little treat for you:
pretending that 99,9% of my dear readers are (golden?) girls i´ll give away a zippered wristlet in your preferred color combination & a matching coin purse.all you have to do is leave a comment till sunday. then i´ll have my sister (or her dogs...) drawing a winner.
as i can´t e-mail you directly because blogger doesn´t have this wonderful feature, please stay tuned. ;)

hope you´ll have a boo-tiful all hallows eve. i´ll be sure to have fun.


  1. Kristin La Flamme12:27

    Boo! Awesome witch pumpkin! That sure beats our "batty" dining room. I'm all out of tricks, so sign me up for a treat, please! Happy Blogiversary :-)

  2. Do you know you could buy a GOCCO for the money you would have to spend on all your pumpkins?!
    Your carvings are absolutely fabulous!
    Congrats on your bloggiversary!
    And have a very nice evening!!!

  3. *snief* I have a perfect halloween costume.. looking like "Rudolph, the red-nosed rendeer" meeting "Frankenstein's daughter".
    So no pagan party for me. :(

    Congratulations on your blog-anniversery and the growing community of madhatterfans! ;)

  4. charlotte13:37

    congrats for your bloggiversary from a very silver girl! I keep on reading and hope for some home and hamster stories. c u friday!

  5. happy samhain :)
    I still find it confusing :) samhain AND the autumn equinox... too many things so close together :)
    I haven't a pic of my pumpkins but the flat is decorated with spider webs and stuff :) We had our "halloween" party on Saturday and today I was busy giving out sweets to kids...

    be blessed xox

  6. happy bloggiversary... ;)

    oh, i love your halloween decoration...i didn't make one this year...
    i was to lazy :)

  7. trickortreater15:05

    can't wait to see photos of your decoration and the dinner.

  8. anea14:48

    I mounted my halloween quilt but no further decoration for me (I am not into decorations besides the usual spider webs and dust bunnies all year round :))

    Congratulations for your bloggiversary - I hope there will be many happy returns! I will stay tuned.

  9. boo too, and congrats to the very best madhatter blog first anniversary! I'd be happy to tell you my preferred color combination :))


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