Gimme Moor!

15. Oktober 2006
this late week really could have been called "late summer".
bright, sunny days - but with the awareness and the smell of fall in the air. i love those days.

we took one afternoon off and drove over to the rhön (here is a german link with even more information), a biosphere reserve about 45 mins away from our doorstep.
we spent that day in one of two moors in the rhön, namely the "schwarze moor" (= black moor).
an eye
after this area was made an biosphere reserve in 1991 they made a very interesting educational trail through it, and i really like to go there. though i don´t go because of education, THIS time i couldn´t resist my curiosity and just needed to FEEL the swamp.
was kind of muddy....
action research shaddow play
first time i´ve been there with my class when i was in 2nd grade (it was a lesson about turf/peat), but the moor looks different every time.
it´s beautiful over there in autumn, though i couldn´t say which is my favourite season to go there.
(note to elfy: we already searched for dead elves in the eyes we saw, but there weren´t any. just if you wondered...)
after our walk we went to a *really old* café in an open-air-museum where we had some home made "kirschstreusel" and tea, then visited a small shop where their farm products are sold (you´ve never-ever tasted ham or yoghurt like THAT, belive me!) and went home with our fresh "bio-dinner kit".

it was a day of pure fun. nothing that bothered me, no hurry, just relaxation. plain FUN!
family portrait
as far as anyone knows, we´re a nice, normal family...
more pics (including some nature, not only precious little self) can be found on flickr.


  1. dear kazw21:21

    a nice couple, a nice clean sunday trip.
    I've never been to the rhön, seems to be nice.

    where are the skullz? was the moor haunted? did you sacrifice a hamster?

  2. really cute couple...

    looks like nice trip ;)

  3. katrin10:34

    so: a trip to the rhön with kazw.
    on my list.

    no haunting, no skullz (except the ones i couldn´t show as they were HIDDEN). and of course we didn´t sacrifice a hamster.

    we used a chicken this time.... *g*

  4. Chicken.. that's so boring!

    No dead elves in the swamp? I'm quite put out... no small fires dancing on the moor.. trying to tempt you?
    No hand reaching out of the bog, waving at you?
    How sad! *ggg*

  5. charlotte15:35

    but the poor creatures under the moor saw katrins hand in their sky. uaaaaaaaaaa!

    note to myself: lighting a small fire on the square in front of elfy's house, thus tempting her to come out.... and rushing in to search the secret stash.

  6. lovely Adam18:28

    THE One and only secret stash with all the fabric??? Can I come with you? *EG*

    Mäddi, looks like it was a nice romantic autumn trip...thr rhön, its been a while since I´ve been there, but I´ve only been on the "wasserkuppe". Nice place, too.

  7. Are you kidding? My precious? NO elf is that stupid running into the marshes just because there is a little fire...

  8. charlotte, sweet charlotte19:58

    but you will see my little shadow ....and you will be drawn to the fire - like magic!

  9. Ok, now I'm jealous. I can handle not having the Moor nearby, I think, but the Kirschstreusel and the yoghurt, that's not fair! Especially the latter is what I miss... lucky you :)

  10. the one and only from Dänischenhagen08:30

    dear kampfzwerg,

    maybe if we play the flute and let nackische postmen dance around the fire?

    I mean, I learned how to play the flute a zillion years ago :) but then you would have to promise me everything in bordeaux and teal from the stash :)

  11. If someone is playing a flute in front of my house.. I'll never will come out. Not even to see the "Nackisch Postman"....
    I had to learn this instrument years ago, it was the only way to get piano lessons...

  12. Btw.. this wasn't the last picture of you and dhb? And the picture of you kneeling isn't your attempt to get his remains stuffed back into the moor? o.Ô


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