18. Oktober 2006
i didn´t want to participate this months whiplash. really... i just thought i couldn´t find the time to "whip up" something so quick, as my time was already planned up. then on monday i read that the deadline has been extended for two days. TWO DAYS!


i tried to resist, but - i lost the struggle. so, here it is. whipped up yesterday and finished today: the JIGAMATHINGROUNDYOURNECK shawl/collar.
the problem was to name it somehow, so today i took it over to my sister to show her and to ask for advice on a name. the moment i put it on my brother in law came into the room, had a quick look at me, raised his eyebrow and asked "what´s that jigamathing round your neck?" ... well, so here it is, and it´s easy as pie:

you´ll need:
about 2 balls of yarn (á 50 g). i used a yarn with gauge 19 stitches/27 rows = 10 cm²
a set of 5 dpns, size to match your yarn (in my case 5 mm)
matching crochet hook.
please note that if you use a thinner yarn with different gauge you´ll have to adjust the following instructions!

cast on 88 stitches (22 on each needle)
2 by 2 rib: *knit 2, purl 2* repeat ** till end of round.
work in 2 by 2 rib until your piece measures 8 cm
*knit 2 together, yarn over* repeat ** till end of round. this will be the folding line for your turtleneck. this inset row will create a little "crown" on the upper edge when folded... very nice effect.
again, work in 2 by 2 rib for 11 cm
knit 2 together till end of last round. 44 stitches will remain on your needles.

with the crochet hook take the last stitch you knitted from the needle and begin to crochet:
row 1: *chain 10, slipstitch through next (meaning left) stitch on knitting needle and pull the stich off the needle*
repeat ** until the round is finished.
for the last time only chain 5 and triple crochet into the first chain stitch.
row 2: *chain 10, single crochet into middle of the chain from previous round*
again, at the last time only chain 5 and triple crochet into the first chain stitch.
repeat row 2 for 3 more times (makes a total of 5 rows)
last row: *chain 9, hold stitch. chain 3, double crochet in 9th chain but only work through 2 loops, yarn over again, work through 2 loops, work through remaining 3 loops, chain 3, slipstitch into 9th chain, chain 8, single crochet into center of chain from previous round.*
repeat ** till the end.

bind off last stitch, weave in all lose ends. you´re finished!
if you have questions or an idea how to improve this, please let me know.

thanks for stopping by! ^.^


  1. charlotte19:59

    looks like a winner. :-)

  2. kewl³
    Unfortunately I can't do crochet...

  3. fancy name and fancy look :)

  4. kristin La Flamme22:47

    You've done it again! Not only have you made something awesome in itself, but you've empowered us to make one too with your tutorial. You rock! I hope your jigamathing wins you cool prizes.

  5. WONDERFUL! It's a necklace! It's a poncho! It's a shawl! It's a JIGAMTHING! :)

    (p.s. So happy your blog can accept comments again. Hooray!)

  6. that´s so kind of you all - thanks! :)

  7. oh wow! it's lovely. I wish I could crochet!

  8. charlotte14:30

    it's actually the first time I see something that combines knitting and crochet.
    did you wear it already?

  9. except for the picture - no.
    i don´t know if i´d keep it or if i´d give it away as a christmas present?

  10. Wow, I really like that Jigamathing!

  11. that is fabulous - and you just whipped that up!!!! i cannot be;ieve that! - i am in awe - i need more insomnia :) do you really say jigamnathing auf deutsch?

  12. marietta, auf deutsch it would be "dingsbums". but my b.i.l. is a texan, so he really says "jigamathing"... :)

  13. Dein Dingsbums ist zum Umfallen schoen!!!
    Du bist echt genial, Katrin.
    You are ingenious!!!

  14. Oh, my!
    What a beautiful cape you created!
    It's so elegant and lovely!!

  15. witzig sieht das aus!
    perfect neckwear, würd ich sagen!
    ich wollte dir das hier zeigen, alles in bravem weiss, da ist schwar schon wilder.

  16. I like it. It is sooo different. I am casting on right after I send this message. Thanks for sharing !

  17. Sehr, sehr hübsch, aber wo finde ich denn die deutsche Anleitung????

    1. Hallo Antje,

      kurz und gut: es gibt dazu keine deutsche Anleitung.
      Damals habe ich ausschließlich englisch gebloggt, und so ist auch die Anleitung eben nur in englisch entstanden.
      Eine Übersetzung dafür plane ich nicht, ist einfach schon zu lange her.
      Aber da das Ganze ohnehin sehr rudimentär ist, hilft Dir vielleicht die Drops Übersetzungsliste weiter :)

      Wenn Du an einem speziellen Punkt nicht weiterkommst, kannst Du mich gerne per Mail kontaktieren!

      Liebe Grüße


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