mom´s the best

26. Oktober 2006
of course i know that everyone has the best mom ever, but mine is the "bestest"!
she went to the doc yesterday (just for a checkup), and walking back to her car a stand at the flea market caught her eye. now - look what she found for me:

burda world of fashion - burda international

it´s stylish. it´s hip. and it comes with the patterns - YAY!
she said "they didn´t have any older issues, but maybe you´ll like this one anyway?" and hell, i do!
you know, i´m not very into the 70s style and my mom is aware of this, but i think some patterns are adjustable, and i love old mags for their advertisements.
here and here are additional insights fyi.

it´s those small things that makes me think i have the best mom ever. being aware that she´s thinking of me in an unexpected moment.

and... don´t get me wrong... of course my mom´s the "bestest" every day. not only when she brings me presents ;)


  1. Kristin La Flamme19:44

    Is it just me, or do those pictures make you want to sing ABBA songs? I do love that pink checked jacket though :-)

  2. Adam von SuperbSewers20:15

    chic, chic...I´ve got a nice old Burda once from my class teacher...I read, there are patterns for men in, too? What? What?? What??? And which size? Questions, questions...
    you got a really nice mom!

    greets to be-kay!

  3. anea21:10

    Seeing the photos I remember my mom wearing such things... Really! Out on the street! She really owned somethging like this coat on the second photo.

    Could it really be that I am old enough to remember this? :(

    From the look of the mag it has be from the early 70's - no ABBA yet, only the Beatles.

  4. now that you say it, kristin.... *gg*
    when you take the sopranos part, i´ll join in.

    adam - keine männer. jedenfalls hab ich noch keine gesehn. allerdings hab ich auch noch nicht explizit danach geschaut. soll ich? ;)

    anea, i´ll see if i can find old pics from our family, featuring my dad in those throusers and plateau shoes...

  5. Cool! Ehm.. Groooooovy!

    Didn't I tell you that I have some Burdas of the 60's and 70's?
    I've saved them from the garbage....
    I've often brought them to the brunch in Cologne. It was always funny. ;)

  6. yours truly16:56

    love that gift.
    I AM old enough, I've worn those shoes and I had the biggest sunglasses ever. liked the mix of limegreen and silver, lurex of course.
    I was really groovy. muahahaha.

  7. Sometimes, when I look into these magazines, I am VERY happy that the pictures are black and white...

  8. sweet adam20:42

    the test at the article "Paris" (not Hilton) says "diesmal auch für Männer", so I thought there were mens clothes patterns, too. Maybe I´m wroing...please checkt that, would be so nice!

  9. so, sweetie - i checked the mag, the sewing instructions as well as the patterns and can say: there are no patterns for men.
    the article about paris says "auch für männer", but it´s just an article about new styles...
    sorry :(

    note to self: limegreen & lurex pants for yt. b&w pics for elfi. XD

  10. If you really wear peggy pants in lurex and a shirt in lime green.. please, I want a COLORFUL picture!

  11. sweetie19:23

    no mens patterns? How sad...but thank you for looking!
    limegreen? hmmm...I love this colour but I´m not sure if I can wear it....

  12. What a great find!
    I am very Seventies und ein bisschen neidisch ;-)


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