neverending story

7. Oktober 2006
LISTS are a neverending story.
bad: my to-do-list.
worse: my to-do-list, the sequel.
worst: my i-want-to-do-list.

the latter was prolonged today *sigh*. first, my order from rohrspatz und wollmeise arrived, beautifully packed and containing the most wonderful, red, soft hand-dyed yarn ever:

Wilder Mohn

this one fine day will be "serrano" by knitty... well, if i ever will finish dh´s vest ô.O

i also received a booklet which i desperately was waiting for over the past months

Fashion Outlines

as far as i can see now it was worth my patience.
of course, this makes the last list even longer.
especially for yt there´s an insight here and there. like it? XD

bad conscience is calling, but i just ignore it.
the list(s) will grow, and hopefully i will "grow" along - whenever i find the time to finally DO what i WANT TO...


  1. oooohhh,
    love the yarn ( isn't that too colourfull for you? If yes, I guess it will be great for *mumble* me :) )
    and the booklet it tdf...

  2. Is it "Things, I really want to do right now, but um.. I haven't got the time" list?
    Or the "Brilliant ideas" list, which is even longer....
    I know them... I know them all...
    Nice yarn.. devilish color!

  3. I can use my name again? JEHOVA!

  4. Gorgeous yarn and very interesting booklet. Enjoy. Let the lists grow!!!
    Warum soll es anderen besser gehen als mir...?!

  5. if you wake up one morning and find yur 1920's fashion book missing, it is because i flew to germany, snuck into your home and stole it! :) where did you get that?!?!?!? and the yarn is the perfect choice for that sweater - i want to make it too. But, my lists are scary long too :).....

  6. Pretty yarn and neat looking book!

  7. no chance, tini. this yarn is just the right color for me ;)

    alex, kerstin - seems we all have the same lists. it´s the "brilliant ideas" list that is the longest of all. but... it´s put aside for the "things i really need" list.

    uhm... did i mention that i have two HUGE dogs, marietta? they´ll be glad to meet you... *grin*

    gina, nice to know you´re back in blogland ;)

  8. Dogs like dainty things... a nice bone.. something to chew.... we can handle that!

  9. schätzungsweise werden sich die tölen zu euren füßen hinwerfen, die beine in die luft strecken, mit dem schwanz wedeln und gekrault werden wollen.
    und sowas schimpft sich dann wachhund...

  10. Die haben halt ihre Prioritäten! *lol*

  11. I prefer the nearly 7 foot tall men... they won't throw themselves on their back, waving their tails....

  12. charlotte16:08

    kerstin! bäd bäd girl ;-)

    I really enjoy this blog entry. what a gorgeous book! my nose is on the monitor....and the pages, especially for me, cos I am yours truly....*sigh* love this blog.

    my to do lists, both personal and school-related, are as long as a roll of toilet paper.

  13. Me? Bad? Nope... just realistic. My bodyguards for unexpected visitors of my preciouuuusssssss are not persuaded by bones... but if they do, there are the booby traps... the drawbridge, the code for the doors....

  14. nagano14:16

    this wool is really really cool!
    but it looks completly different than the example on the homepage...

    but i'm tempted. (schreibt man des so? ) gnarf!
    i don't need wool because i hate knitting....
    i don't need wool because i hate knitting....
    i don't need wool because i hate knitting....
    i don't need wool because i hate knitting....
    i don't need wool because i hate knitting....

  15. crap! dogs!
    ah well - i'll just have to take the easy way out and order the book! :)

  16. Anonymous16:34

    You don't need wool because YOU HAVE NO TIME TO KNIT... or you'll have to find someone to do it for you.... :p

  17. charlotte10:06

    thank you so much for completing one thing from the list, especially for me. it's great and I am very happy!


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