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10. November 2006
you know, i´ve been searching for the perfect use of the yarn i won a while ago and i really was tempted to knit up a lacy scarf, but couldn´t find a pattern that seemed to "suit" the wool.
now i decided that the perfect way to knit up this yarn would be SOCKS!

then... *sigh* ...it came across my mind that i never-ever knit socks before. how should i be able to knit a pair of socks that would be wearable in the end? neither have i done a heel before... nor a toe... all knitted socks i own are made by my grandma.
i´ve searched for a pattern that may be suitable for a beginner, but didn´t find one that seemed to be all-in-one: beautiful AND easy.
finally, i decided to use the pattern that attracted me most and was at least two-in-one: lace AND socks.

so... may i introcuce my dear readers to the first half of pomatomus?


*muhahahaha* it took me a week, but I DID IT! socks! with heel and toe and everything. i´m so proud of myself, i´m almost bursting my vest!
okay, my other foot still is barenaked,


but after the first sock - what could be worse? nothing can stop me now (please imagine an evil laughter at this point)!

the heel seems to be worked different than my grandma does it. this one was easy (i admit: the pattern was clear & good!), but my grandma´s version looks better and seems to be more... "durable".

now that i found out that knitting a sock isn´t as hard as i always thought, there seem to be tempting socks everywhere i go... hundreds of them in blogland!

hopefully there´s not another addiction in sight. i can´t afford to have one more!

go and see more "pomatomusses" on flickr - i´m off, beginning the other one. my other foot gets cold... *gg*


  1. charlotte17:43

    great, really!

  2. Wow, they look great! I am planning to attempt my first socks soonish (even using the same yarn, it seems ;-) but I don't think I can brave such a pattern... not yet. And I hope my mom will come to show me how to do the heel :)

  3. Just amazing, both colour and pattern...

  4. what shoes do you wear with that socks?

  5. genius! the pattern as well as boudelair are on my list after hedera...

    here's a great blog
    for sock knitters..

  6. Kewl³... I love the pattern ( I chanced to buy a ball of sock yarn yesterday....)
    Do you need an instruction for the heel, I have one from Junghans and one from Schachenmayr.. The last one might be the one of your grandma, the books are from the 30ies.... ;)

  7. they look great...it's a pitty that I'm so bad at knitting :(

  8. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have been telling the whole world that socks are easy! see! i did not lie - gorgeous sock(s)!

  9. ladies, you´re so nice :)

    charlotte, i think i will wear these socks just like i wear all knitted socks - either at home or with boots. i´m not a sandals-and-knitted-socks type of girl *gg*

    kerstin, i think it´s the schachenmayer heel my grandma knits. she also has the book, so i can have a look if i need to. and - remember i still have one book from you laying here... :o

  10. charlotte10:59

    kerstin has a sock knitter book? wow. will there be elfenundkampfzwerge socks in our not existing shop?

    mad, may be you wear the socks with flipflops. *eg* nothing is impossible. even in bi-käi.

  11. Beautiful sock! There really are a ton of free patterns http://www.spunkyhats.com/boogie_freepatterns_socklinks.htm
    Not to help with the addiction or anything :)

  12. This is gorgeous. I've been thinking about my next knitting project and wanted to try socks. Your post on this subject couldn't have been more timely for me!

  13. @charlotte Nope, no sock-knitting book. I have two books from Schachenmayr, printed 1939. And of corse there are socks in it.. bed-socks, too....


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