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29. November 2006
First of all: Thank you for your kind comments on my win! Nice of you not to say that there weren´t many entries (but, you know - I´m aware of it!) *gg*.

In the meanwhile my huge cold/tonsilitis is nearly gone and I hope that till our big concert on saturday I will be completely healed.
Some of you know that I sing in a choir, and our concert will be on saturday, as I said. We worked on the songs and everything for a whole year now, and I hope it will be a success for us.
Little of my dear readers know that I´m the "silent speaker" of our choir, so I was working double shifts - singing, learning the text and learning the sign language for it. You can bet those last two weeks were BUSY, and it will be until saturday. I still need to alter my suit... *sigh*

Alongside of job and singing I sent away some packages those last days, happy to finally get them done. Anea was very patient (THANK YOU!!!) and waited very long for her bloggiversary-win. Here´s a sneak peek of what was sent out to her:


as usual, there are more pictures on flickr.
Thank you Anea for letting me know that you like it! I´m very glad about it and I´m proud that it matched your taste. :)

I also finished something i begun earlier. Remember? Socks. Two is a pair...:

Two is a pair

Last but not least I made some of these,

got wings?

but that´s a story I´ll tell you another day.

Speaking of this, I can promise you some "last minute christmas gift" patterns and tutorials within the next weeks. You may stay tuned, if you want.

But for now - just keep fingers crossed for saturday.


  1. so how far off is german sign language from american sign language? that is so very cool that you are both singing and signing for your choir. there is a deaf company here and everyone on staff is required to learn some sign language - break a leg this weekend!!!

  2. Kristin La Flamme22:33

    Gute besserung für Samstag! And yes, of course I will stay tuned for more tutorials! By the way, LOVE the Jane Sassaman fabric. If you ever get the chance to meet her in person, she has the most wonderful, ironic, sense of beauty and danger mixed together. Everything she does is beautiful and bright, but has something spikey and poisonous too.

  3. Cups with wings! Looking familiar to me... *ggg*

    Fingers crossed for saturday! ( Should I push my thumbs, too? )

  4. YAY finished socks!! and the winged cups are too cute.

  5. thanks for wishing well, dearies!

    marietta: i was told that some basic signs are the same, but i can´t tell you exactly. what i learn actually IS american sign language.
    i should have mentioned that i sing in a gospel choir. we mostly do contemporary gospel, including a little stage show. the program we do this year consists many songs from kirk franklin and richard smallwood, so you might know what´s going on here.

  6. charlotte18:51

    good luck, honey! drink some hot milk with honey, tastes awful but it's good.
    as a teacher I drink it, when I loose my voice. it works.

  7. Drink some hot milk with honey, tastes good IS good.
    I am no teacher but tried it anyways several times in the past and can say it works ;-)
    Keep my fingers crossed!

  8. Sage... sage lozenges, not the tea... Tasting good and giving you back your voice!

    Some people gargle with salted water.. urks... that's awful, but it seems to help.

  9. fanofsewmad08:22

    good luck for tonight.
    I read about the concert and know now that there are hundreds of spectators. didn't know you're that famous!

    can I have your autograph?


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