dogs eat a lot.

7. November 2006
no. of course the dogs didn´t eat the lots...


they were just drawing the winner of my bloggiversary giveaway:

dog eats winner?

 they could not decide who draws, so they both put their curious little noses into the bowl and finally spit out a name.

and the winner is

as you may see they just wanted to draw and then chew on the winner. no chance for me to get the lot back "alive". it was quite a success that they didn´t eat it *grin*.

anyway... anea, please submit your color preference(s) and adress to me: madhatter[a-t]couchpiraten[d-o-t]de
now, i´m not sure if i should congratulate or condole for being the future owner of something sewn by me, but you may tell me afterwards! ^.^


  1. anea23:30

    Wow, I won something! Not just something but something special by my favourite madhatter :D

    Many thanks to the little doggies!

  2. Anonymous05:30


  3. I thought you were kidding when speaking about letting the dogs do the drawing... but this is just SO You, Katrin...! lol
    Calligraphy? You can do that, too?!

  4. Anonymous15:32

    a mad hatter has a lot of talents!

  5. though the mad hatter indeed is able to do some calligraphy, at first she is able to use a computer.... *grin*

  6. anea15:44

    And today my parcel arrived and I am amazed! Such beautiful fabrics, such wonderful colors and such a fine craftmanship! Wow, madhatter is a very talented seamstress!

    I am so happy with my price! Thank you, Katrin!


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