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20. November 2006
whiplash theme for november is "alt craft".
Something I really couldn´t feel related to in the first moment. I´m not alternative, and I feel deeply sorry for it, but I´m not the kind of girl who would wear a skirt made from cans of a well-known softdrink... *g*
Not that I don´t like alt crafts. There are hundreds of beautiful things, but I just don´t get the feeling... the mood... I´m too square for it, I think.

Anyway... I´m doing some christmas crafting right now and suddenly it came across my mind that what I actually did for a cousin might match into the "alternative" scheme, so I enter this purse into this month competition:


About an hour ago it still looked like a little hedgehog, but now it´s finished and ready to be a christmas present for a nice young lady with a faible for handbags and two left hands. She always asks for selfmade presents, so what might be better for her?!

This purse is made from old records - you can see the covers in the background. For those who might recognize them: It´s Roy Black and Christian Anders... (please imagine a maniac laughter at this point... I just HAD to CUT them DOWN!)

fabrics carry

I added a small pocket for her cell phone in the lining because I know that she always seeks for her cell (must run in the family, I think... just like searching the keys)


Some of my returning visitors know that I´ve made purses like that one before - for myself, for charlotte and for my sister, but it took me until now to recognize that maybe what I do is considered "alternative" in a wider range.

Well, so I´m alternative. a bit. a tiny little bit.
Good to know - and thank you, whip up! You always make me think different and force me to find out new things.

*** EDIT on Dec., 30th: Due to somehow high interest in this bag it will be available in my shop. After seeing some copies I decided so. ***


  1. That's not alt-craft, that's cruel-craft!I Can't believe you've killed Christian Anders and Roy Black for this admittedly interesting and funny purse... Don't you have a heart? What's waiting to be led to the shambles next?!

  2. That is freakin brilliant! How the hell do you get the holes in there with out splitting the record?

  3. Alex - thanks! I still have some Heintje records laying around here... do you want them? I know it... you desperately LONG for them *gg*

    Amy, the holes are drilled with a special drill, but very careful. Usually it takes at least 3 records to make one purse. They DO split...

  4. charlotte13:14

    I own one of only three purses, art made by madhatter. one day, they will be auctioned off for millions of euros.

  5. I think that with this bag you've showed that you are NOT square at all - I love it! :-)

  6. maaaaaamaaaaaaa.....
    Hab ich schon ;-)

  7. millions... would be nice *g*
    maybe then i finally could take some real sewing lessons... i´d hire e&k for that matter ^^

    thanks hilde! i hope my cousin will like it, too!

    alex - echt... du hast heintje? *röchel*
    darf ich den zerschneiden? BIIIITTEEEEEEE..... *giergiergier*
    meine tante rückt ihre heintje-platten nicht raus...

  8. Mäddi, dafür gibt es doch Haushaltsauflösungen :)

  9. charlotte12:39

    ich hab noch ganz tolle platten, aber da dürfte nie ein loch hinein.... alte CCR und stones lps. neiiiiiiiiin!

  10. charlotte16:51

    madhatter hat schon wieder gewonnen. hurray for maddy! she won something nice again. whiplash is made for you, dear.

    wir sind zu gering.... ;-D

  11. That is fabulous! Great job, and very professional looking. I bow to your craftyness!! ;-)

  12. Ich fass es nicht, ich bin zu spaet gekommen, um meine Favoriten zu nennen... ging irgendwie zu schnell diesmal. Aber es ging offensichtlich ja auch so ;-)
    Glueckwunsch zum erneuten Gewinn, Frau Whiplash!!!


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