Skirt á la carte

19. November 2006
I´ve catched a heavy cold, I´m coughing (and it´s painful!) and sneezing all the time. As I can´t go out anyway I thought I could use this chance to catch up with my reports... This skirt was already finished a week ago:
self portrait
The book "Skirt á la carte" by Machiko Kayaki
skir á la carte
has been on my bookshelf for quite some time, and now that I found the perfect fabric that matched my imagination for this model from the book, I finally decided to SEW instead of just looking at it.
I added a lining as well as a facing around waist and hemline, as I liked the "clean" look better, and the fabric surely would have "climbed up" my tights, and that´s really a thing I *hate*.
Is there anyone out there who can tell me why they NEVER use linings in japanese sewing books? That´s not only in this book but in almost all I own. No lining. Not in skirts, not in jackets, not in dresses. Weird...

On this skirt i´m very proud of the invisible zipper... almost perfect *gg*.
The skirt sits low on the hips and cries out for a belt (bad thing i don´t own any belts...)
another shot of the skirt can be found here. On this picture you can see that the hemline stands out a little - I pretty much like the look, it´s so flattering...

Unfortunately none of the photos shows the nice pintucks, but you can see them on the instruction sheet, so just use your imagination.

Due to my heavy cold I just sew some smallish things at the moment, mostly christmas presents. Early bird, I am...
Hope you folks are well and had a wonderful weekend!


  1. bad cold?
    Now I know, where I catched mine ;)
    You know, not sleeping due to coughing, bad taste in the mouth and nearly crying because one feels so bad?
    get well soon :) I like your skirt :) It's so not black..

  2. The socks, tights.. whatever you are wearing.. great... can't take my eye of the skulls!
    Just perfect with the skirt and the shoes!
    Cool skirt, I like the swinging seam!

    BTW.. you know "Gelomyrtol"? If you can ignore the menthol taste in your mouth it's quite good when you have a bad cold and a cough.
    Inhaling salted water vapour is also good. ( Yes, I know EVERY household remedy for a bad cold... I catch one at last three times a year..especially round Christmas looking like Rudolph under the Christmas Tree...)

  3. charlotte05:48

    heja, you rednosed reindeer!
    the skirt looks really flattering. pimping it up with skulls is great.

    I join the club with a cold, a bad headache and aching joints, due to the weather. can't stay in bed, there's nobody to teach my class.

    looking forward to the other fabric, did you find some leather yet?

  4. The zipper looks perfect and the fabric is gorgeous... very nice skirt... odd tights, though ;-)


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