Last Minute Christmas Gift: Felt Mobile

12. Dezember 2006
Last minute christmas gifts, the second. Again used: woolfelt. This time you´ll only need some scraps. The quality I´ve used here is the same as for the napkin rings. Further you´ll need some crochet yarn, pearls or beads and a dowel rod.
Depending on your material and eventually premade parts, this could be done in 30 minutes.

First, choose a pattern.
I decided for hearts because this one will be for a friend who decorated her whole appartment very "hearty". There was no need for a real pattern - I simply used a cookie cutter for marking:
Next step: Cut as many shapes as you need. I cut 42 hearts (7 strings with 6 hearts each).
You can save a LOT of time if you use premade felt items. They´re available in a variety of shapes and sizes and you surely find something that will match your need.
Trust me: If you want snowflakes - BUY THEM! 

Using a very small drill, drill holes into a dowel rod. Measurements vary with the size of your pattern and the finished measurements of your mobile. For my measurements click here.
You might want to use small hooks to hang the mobile. It´s useful to pre-drill holes for them, too, to prevent the wood from splitting.
Then take a thin crochet yarn and cut 7 pieces about 1 m long. Thread it into a long, sharp needle and make a french knot on one end. Then go through your shape from bottom to top. The french knot will hold your shape in place.
Then thread a pearl and go through the pearl a second time to secure it. This way the bead still can be pushed a little up and down along your string.
Make another knot (simple overhand knot) into your yarn where you want to place the next heart shape. If you want to keep distance equal, measure where your knot should be. The distance I used was 8 cm between hearts. Repeat this until you have as many strings as you need in desired length.
Thread your strings through the holes in the dowel rod and secure them with two french knots (or a small bead, if you wish). Cut off excess yarn.
Take another piece of yarn and thread it trough the hooks for hanging. Adjust length and knot. FINISHED!

This works with almost every shape:
Angel song in its whole beauty on flickr.

As usually, please feel free to tell me how to improve the tutorial and show me your window mobile - Feedback is highly appreciated. ^.^


  1. very cute! You're much more efficient than me... I started a christmas gift scarf yesterday, only to decide that I don't like the way the pattern turns out... lucky its a kids scarf ;)

  2. Your truly busy as a bee, Katrin! And so sweet to your friends.
    LOVE your felt and ask myself if you sometimes wish to switch from skulls to hearts...? ;-)

  3. amelie, no efficiency here. it just LOOKS like there is. you don´t see all the ufos and the dust on my boards and my to-do-lists... *g*

    alex, dear... i have pink skullz and black hearts. no need to switch. i got it ALL!!! *muhahahaha*

  4. Great idea. Love the angel silhouette. She's perfect.


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