Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Angel Wings Napkin Rings From Woolfelt

4. Dezember 2006
As I promised here´s the first tutorial titled "Last Minute Christmas Gifts".
If I hadn´t the "last minute", I would do NOTHING at all and I think there are some of you who may share my little problem... (or at least I hope so.)
napkins with wings
Yesterday, while my machine was doing something useful, I sat down to take some pictures for you. I´m sorry that the colors aren´t very good, but it was evening and obviously that´s not the time to take good photos...
feltFirst, you´ll need some wool felt. Mine is about 2.5 mm thick.
Thinner felt doesn´t work as well, so I recommend to buy a good quality, even if it´s expenive as hell.

You may try to use two layers of fabric, fused together with (somehow stiff) double sided fusible web. This MIGHT work as well (never tried it!).
sizingThen think about a design. I chose wings, but you can use almost any design that is symmetrical.
The picture shows the wing pattern I used on a centimetre grid, so sizing might be easier for you if you can´t draw it freehand.
whole patternYou´ll now need to decide how wide your napkin ring will be (2 cm) and which circumfence it should have (15 cm, for being able to use it with fabric napkins and not only with those paper ones).
I only used the wings, but you may prefer to make a complete pattern.
The pattern you see was used for my teacup cozies which are basically made using the same method.
cutCut strips that are slightly wider and longer than your finished napkin ring (including wings!) will be.
transferTransfer your pattern onto the strips.
If you do it like me and only use the wings, mark the end of the wings and don´t forget to mirror the image for the other side!
I used water soluble fabric marker which easily will disappear when touched with a damp sponge or towel.
cut out 1With small scissors, cut out the wings and a little bit of the ring.
I suggest using a rotary cutter for the ring, because the cutting line will have a "cleaner" appearance.
cut out 2After you cut the complete shape, mark the center where the wing shapes comes out of your napkin ring.
On the left side of your napkin ring cut up to this point, on the other side cut from top down to this point.
Now you can join the ring by sliding one cut into the other.
Depending on the thickness of the material you used, it now may be neccessary to make the cuts a little deeper on both sides.
If you want, you can embellish with angelina, buttons and other stuff.
I prefer them this way, because you can store them flat, meaning they don´t need much space when not in use.
napkins with wingsNow make some more to give to the person who deserves wings!

The ones I made are for my best friend who loves neutral colors. I also made a few for myself and some new ones with other motifs are in progress.

Hope you had fun with the tutorial :)


  1. Kristin La Flamme12:34

    These are adorable! I think I may have to break my "no new fabric" rule and go buy some felt. We made paper leaves a few years ago using the same technique and I still love them. You know you MUST share these via Whiplash. They are GIFTS and DECORATIONS!

  2. Oh ja, das dachte ich auch sofort, bestens geeignet fuer whiplash!!!
    Sehr charmante Deko, nicht uebertrieben und dennoch das gewisse Etwas - wunderschoener Filz eben. Der braucht keinen Schnickschnack. Wo gibt es den? Wusste ich das schonmal?

  3. charlotte15:14

    geil. ab zu whiplash dezember.

    wo machst du den einschnitt? die flügel für kerstins tassen sind scharf.

  4. thanks, ladies. right now i´m 10 cm taller ;)

  5. Only 10 cm? *ggg*
    Maybe one can make a skull with it... instead of the wings you can make the crossed bones and in the middle of the ring the skull? Hmm....

  6. tini19:56

    Tini sagt:

    Nicht zu whiplash ;) ich wollte doch diesen Monat was einreichen ;)

    btw was hast du letzten Monat gewonnen?

  7. tini19:57

    über ie und anonym gehts

  8. charlotte00:04

    kerstin, can you please make a drawing? sounds interesting!

  9. Very interesting. I know this was posted a long time ago, but where do you buy the felt this thick? Online? Email me back at my blog... Love it!!!


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