Merry christmas

24. Dezember 2006
or God Jul!
merry christmas

Pics of decoration, presents and all the other sidestuff within the next days - I´m trying to catch up a little after those busy days of making and getting and fixing and decorating...

On days like this I´m thankful for being blessed with a loving family and caring friends, some of whom I´ve met (only) online.

Hope you all have a peaceful day with your beloved ones, no matter if you celebrate christmas or jul or whatever-comes-to-your-mind.


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! Merry Christmas. I hope you a lovely and peaceful weekend.

  2. a very merry christmas to you as well, and to the inner mad hatter and the rest of your family!

  3. charlotte18:36

    ....and not to forget the dogs!

    have a happy time and share a lot of pictures with us.

  4. Wow! Tinsel.. lots of tinsel. We've banned it several years ago and prefer bows... but this is a gorgeous tree!
    Merry Christmas to you and your kin ( husbands, dogs... whatever.. ;))

  5. Was für ein wunderschöner Baum! Perfekt!
    Frohes neues Jahr!

    LG, Sabine


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