29. Dezember 2006
My WIP. Or, my WWP (work without progress) these days:

wip ...

A blazer (or jacket), again drafted from Mrs. Stylebook. While the drafting went on pretty well - I failed while cutting. I forgot to switch my brain ON. Can´t believe it. You might call me dumbass, now.

I´m trying to save it somehow. If it works, there will be more pics. If not, you´ll see me crying.
Just don´t ask. This pic is just to prove I´m still sewing.

Anyways, today a parcel arrived with some japanese craft books. *yay!* (see that silver line on the horizon?)
I´ll post pics as soon as possible. You know, nighttime is not the time to take good pictures. I´ve tried.


  1. Don't cry... you know, we all have THOSE days. You can burn it, tore it to pieces and throw it away or use it as a warning sign: "Switch on your brain while cutting and sewing!"

  2. tchakka...
    you will make it
    ( always think about thomas the little blue engine....)

  3. don't throw it away, the fabric is so nice (and I helped buying it)- do find a nähkränzchen in your area to find hands-on help. but you have to find cool people - what about some hs near bikäi?

  4. think i solved the problem. not the fine english way, but it seems to work. let´s hope there won´t be new problems coming my way.

    btw: fabric´s bought online, so this is not an ab fabric (the pic may be bad, but this one is black & white, not red & white) ;)
    and... there IS a hs nearby. didn´t i tell you? *coughcough*

  5. charlotte11:20

    yes, you did indeed.
    let's define "nearby" as tbb, maybe?


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