Keep it simple.

27. Januar 2007
When my friend gave birth to her first son at the very beginning of this year it was clear to me that I just needed a present to show her I think of her and her little one.

Having made some babyquilts earlier I knew this would be the right gift. On the other hand I also could have send her some selfmade baby clothes... It´s been hard to decide.
I asked my mom and my sister as well as another friend for advice - though inside I knew that they would vote for the quilt, which also was my "first choice".
They also reminded me to "Keep it simple!", so my friend would receive the quilt before her baby would move out and go to college (remember my problem with deadlines and time plans...*sigh*).

After some sketches for a "own" pattern I finally decided to alternate a traditional ninepatch-block and a single square with a theme print. Honestly, I tend to get lost in patterns... I tend to want to much and to "make" too much. I really need to learn to "keep it simple". This is how it all turned out:

colorful ocean

I like the way the orange squares pop out of the ocean-colorscheme, and I also like the very simple parallel lines quilting. In this quilt I even love the usually not-so-loved batic fabrics, because they were perfect blenders with the different blues of the ocean.

Next week the babyblankie will travel to New Zealand - along with happy thoughts, many best wishes and surely some love.

Hope my friend will like that I kept it simple.


  1. kristin La Flamme20:09

    It's so bright an cheerful the baby will have to love it!

  2. charlotte06:26

    das ist ja alles so schön bunt hier!

    very cute.

  3. see, batiks can be good for some things... ;))
    Very pretty, your quilt, the pattern and the colors and the fish and everything!

  4. adam18:48

    oh, thats such a beautiful quilt...a great piece of handcrafting.


  5. so sweet of you all!

  6. Ach nee, ne?! Du hast den Quilt schon laengst fertig und meine Bloglines haben's mir wieder nicht gemeldet? Ich hatte mich schon gewundert, mich aber treudoof auf jenes Tool verlassen...
    Also: Ganz offensichtlich haben Batiks durchaus eine Daseinsberechtigung und Du hast tatsaechlich zwei ausgesucht, die perfekt in diesen Quilt passen. Besonders diese Korallensprengsel finde ich sehr gelungen!
    Das Baby wird seinen Spass haben an diesem Aquarium zum Mitpaddeln!

  7. hoffentlich!
    danke nochmal für den hinweis mit dem "weniger ist manchmal mehr"... und überhaupt ... *g*

  8. Thank you Katrin, Armin so loves his blankie, he looks at the fishies on there all the time & we think of you...we love the colors and it looks so nice in his bedroom. This was the sweetest most thoughtful present we got when he was born. Thank you so much from us all my sweet friend!


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