Monkey see, Monkey do.

12. Januar 2007
I´m the monkey, I saw.
And here´s the monkey I did:

happy monkey feet

They´re everywhere. Beautiful, colorful, patterned. And I´m not the only one who´s addicted!
I swore NEVER to knit socks. But I did.
And to make it worse, I´ve ordered three skeins of beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn a few days ago. *sigh*

monkey socks

Regia sock yarn, knit on a ply of 2.5 mm dpns. Obviously, this is a pattern from knitty.

I don´t know the exact color name of the yarn, but I immediately fell in love with the chocolate-latte-machiato-strawberry-ice-cream dyed wool. Socks are like shoes. They must be colorful!

The pattern isn´t boring, but easy enough to remember so you´re able to knit while watching TV with the hubby.
I really like how the socks turned out, and I won´t block them.
Why should I? They´re stretchy enough to fit my feet without blocking, and I really LOVE the texture of the unblocked sock! Looks like a kind of freakin´ cables to me ... *gg*

Mine and many more monkeys on flickr.
And now?

On to new heights! ;)


  1. Very cute socks. Ilove the color and the pattern. Maybe it's time to get out my knitting needles again.

  2. Thanks, Joyce :)
    Get your needles out and make some monkeys of your own!

  3. charlotte17:11

    very cute. chapeau!

  4. wow, cool! Love the colour scheme!
    Monkey sock 1 is finished and I already started no. 2 but lost the pattern and started peppermint twist instead... I think I'll print them out this eve to continue on my busride home tomorrow ( in the morning I have to knit something unpatterned due to a) bad light b) too many schoolkids making noise c) not enough coffee :)

  5. very kind of you, ladies! :)

    tini, i´m eager to see the second sock. hope you don´t suffer from the second-sock-syndrome *gg*

  6. Kristin La Flamme20:20

    I lovelovelove that yarn! The socks are great too.

  7. Very pretty! And they do look like cables! Maybe I'll try that pattern with one of the yarns I just ordered a few days ago... ;-)

  8. kristin, maybe that yarn would match your shrug...?

    amelie, i think we both ordered at the same shop, didn´t we? tschilp, tschilp... ;)

  9. The socks look fabulous!

  10. Welcome to the sock addicts club. I've already done another pair of Monkeys, as well as a hat. The stitch pattern is downright addictive!

  11. so kind of you ladies!

    the pattern indeed is versatile - i´d love to see the hat!

  12. they're beautiful! i love the colors of your socks.

  13. Oh, those are gorgeous. I still haven't had the guts to try anything other than scarves. *lol*
    The ballerina slippers though... those might get me out of the rectangle realm!!

  14. thanks :)
    the color is "öland" from regia, if you´re interested.

    kathryn, those slippers are very easy to make, give it a try!

  15. Tschilp! Of course we ordered at the same shop ;) One of my orders needed to be dyed first, but will be sent out this week -- I'm so looking forward to them getting here!

  16. all of your knitted feet accessories are fabulous!!! love the colour way for the monkey socks too :)

  17. marietta, that´s so sweet of you! :)


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