Small eats

8. Januar 2007
This weekend we had our annual turkey-feast. Family and friends are invited to join us for a small eat (in this case, a stuffed, small 25-pound-eat):

yummy turkey

Usually this is held at my mom´s house, but this year we were "sentenced" to have the party at our place. No problem, heaven thanks there´s a "Bierbankgarnitur"!
No question the kitchen was a mess "after the war was over"... occasionally I´m very thankful for having a dishwasher... *g*

But, instead of just making you drool and just write of food, here´s a receipe for a favourite winter-tea-time meal: baked apples. Yummy-yummy!

baked apples

Take apples - the ones that are lightly sour work best (Boskop, for example).
Prick it several times with a fork or a knife all over the surface. This will make the juice come out while baking.
Generously scrape out the core.
Place apples in a pan or casserole dish.
Fill the holes left by the core as follows (this is MY way, but you can use almost everything you can imagine):
  • a bit butter (unsalted!)
  • raisins or dried cranberries
  • chopped almonds or walnuts
  • a piece of chocolate
  • top with another bit of butter
Scatter little pieces of butter, chocolate, raisins and nuts inside your casserole dish around the apples, this will make an excellent sauce.
Pour some whiskey in the casserole dish (if you´ll eat this together with your kids, take applejuice).
Bake in your (not preheated) oven at 200°C for about 45 minutes or until the peel of the apples bursts open.
Serve hot!
If you want, serve it along with ice cream or whip cream.

Mahlzeit! ;)


  1. southgermanturkeyfriend14:26


    wouldn't it be nice to gather some 13 hs around a turkey. he looks soooo good.

    maybe I can knit oder stitch one....*sigh*

  2. Donald Duck00:33

    Turkeys with a tan are super sexy!

  3. No cinnamon with the apples? Tzzzzzzzzzz.....

  4. queenikea20:12

    this small eat is definitely bigger than ikea's new supersize kötbullar. muahahaha.

  5. cinnamon - only on applecake. NOT in my baked apples... ;)

    eh - wer war da bei ikea? pfui! *neidneidneid*
    haste denn wenigstens was gefunden?


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