Take a Stitch

15. Januar 2007
... yesterday, while searching something completely different, I stumbled over "Take a Stitch Tuesday". Sharon of inaminuteago started this in November 2006, and because I´m not a great embroiderer I just quickly read her call to "take a stitch" and forgot about it.

This challenge (that isn´t a challenge in the sense of the word but a challenge to yourselves) really seems to be inspiring and refreshing in many ways. Every week, Sharon posts a roundup, linking every entry - and the pictures in the different blogs are beautiful!
I´ve never dreamt of what can be made with a simple herringbone stitch or with a basic, plain buttonhole stitch!

I deeply regret that I´m such a loser when it comes to embroidery, but these things make me think about giving it another try. They make me think about embroidered clothes...
Still, a WIP for my mom is laying around. I digged it out of the UFO-chest to show and *maybe* to finish it until her birthday (in april, so there´s a realistic chance...). Maybe the take-a-stitch-tuesdays will be inspiring enough to keep me working on this from time to time?!


Don´t forget to browse the TAST-flickr group for stunning and inspirational pictures!


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