Twinkle, twinkle little toe!

12. Januar 2007

When I saw these over at knitty, there was no way to get around them.

At first glance I knew immediately that they were just right as a birthday present for my friend, who´s a cutie².
I browsed the web to see how the pattern would work (okay, and to take a sneak peak what other people do...) and found some very wonderful Twinkletoes in different colors and sizes in blogland. Seems many people have them on their to-do-list, too!
See some more Twinkletoes over at flickr.

I chose a very soft, fluffy yarn (cool wool) in a pale pink, grabbed some 4.0 mm needles and off I went.

Things I´ve learned while knitting these nice ballerina shoes:
- I love the right and left lifted increase. Looks very distinguished...
- I don´t like wrap & turn and take up the wraps in the next row(s). I did w&t before, but this time it was just bugging me.
- Sewing leather soles to a knit thing is boring. I did it anyways, as I don´t want my ballerina to slip and break a leg... wouldn´t be a nice present. *g*
- If you make one pair as a present, you´ll surely be needing one pair for yourself. They´ll look very cute in black, don´t you think?!


These cuties are quick to make and fun to knit. You should cast on some for yourself!


  1. May we call you "Madette" the mad black swan then?

  2. theSwan08:09

    yours should be black with a little skull. very nice. and then you hopp around the little swan lake in your garden. with a tutu.

  3. the swan? no.
    miss swan. *eg*
    but i won´t dance (or "hopp"...). left that behind years ago. won´t hop for no-one ;)

  4. Sure? I mean, if a certain pirate appears... and invites you to a dance. Or a man, who usually dislikes dancing but makes an exception for you? Huh?

  5. rumpelstilzchen14:30

    ach, wie gut, dass niemand weiß...

  6. *sigh*
    you mean they want to dance first?


  7. Maybe they want to have your famous turkey and the baked apples first... *fg*


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