Knitted chili pepper

26. Februar 2007
Blocked, finally: The body part.


Pattern: Serrano by Knitty.
Yarn: Hand dyed sockyarn (superwash) by Rohrspatz und Wollmeise, colorway "Wild Poppy"

After knitting the bodice up and making the first bind-off for the sleeves I noticed that I´ve knitted the pattern repeat WRONG.
I had to rip it completely and knit it all up again (not really quick to do on 3.0 mm circs!), but now it´s blocked and will move to the big black box for the next week, as there is some other small stuff to do.

Can only take me another half year to finish!


  1. but sooooo worth it!
    It's beyond cool....

  2. wow, looks great!! sorry for the ripping, that is so annoying... :o

  3. charlotte20:36

    great lochmuster and cool color. hope you wear it when we see each other ;-)

  4. It looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it finished!

  5. You are so brave.
    Wirst Du eigentlich laut, wenn Dir sowas passiert?
    "... warm you up on a cool fall day..." as the description says - hurry up! It will be a very beautiful piece, I love the yarn!

  6. Wow, wow, WOW!
    This looks like a big project!
    How big is it, my dear?
    So beautiful!

  7. charlotte06:34

    alex, she could use the f*u*c*k thingy ;-)

  8. Such a beautiful piece, even if it did take a lot of knittng. Perfect colors too.

  9. Joni17:18

    I’m in the process of doing some massive ring maintenance for the FiberArts Bloggers ring and I am contacting you because there’s a problem with your code. The code you have up is actually alright, except that the ring’s original home page on the urbanspinner site is long gone. The new home page is:
    You’re welcome to either switch out just that one part of the code, or ask me for the basic default ring code instead.
    Please feel free to contact me with any related questions/concerns. Once you have your code fixed up, if you want to send me a note I’d appreciate it, so I can check it out. Thanks!

  10. joni, thanks for information! i´ve corrected the code :)

    and to you, me hearties: thanks! it´s not even finished and you tell me it´s beautiful. i´m flying high!

    charlotte, wenn es bis dahin fertig ist... *hüstel* ...

    alex - klar werd ich laut. um ehrlich zu sein, hab ich das teil erstmal an die wand geschleudert. mein mann ist mir den restlichen tag aus dem weg gegangen *gg*...

    kumi - it´s the 38" breast size. i needed to take the bigger size because my gauge was way too small, and i wanted to make sure it will be wearable at last!

  11. Aww, hang in there!

  12. *hehe*, Charlotte, suess gesagt :-)

    Katrin schleudert also schonmal mit Handarbeiten... laesst mein Herz huepfen, ich bin nicht allein... ;-)


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