20. Februar 2007

Travelling seamstress

Yesterday´s teaser is "there" already! Wow - the postman was quick, that really made my day! :)

Some of you might have guessed that the smallish black-and-white package with the crazysexycool crochet stitch markers (feather rings, Tini!) was for Charlotte, my personal spy and favourite KaZw.
A very small and unspecial "Hello there!" to a special lady.

sewing travel case - front
sewing travel case - filled

It contained a little "Travel Case for the addicted Sewer", as I know she´s "on tour" quite often and I know the problem of not knowing where to put your stuff.
I was pretty much inspired by this japanese sewing case, though I´ve made some adjustments to interior, exterior and size.
Dear, I´m kind of sorry for the flowery lining, and I hope you might forgive me, but I just loved that pink-and-orange 70s flower theme...

sewing travel case - filled

For the picture I filled it with my own stuff, so poor Charlotte only got the empty version - I´m SO bad...

More & detailed pics on flickr, as usual.

Have a good night and sweet, pink dreams out there!

Kommentare :

  1. your favorite kazw23:31

    you think, someone guessed it? I haven't got a clue! I think it's wonderful. and I love the seventies fabric inside.
    the next rammadamma will see me more stylish than ever.

    I sure am a lucky gal.

  2. Great case, both pretty and handy!

  3. such a great idea, and very nicely done!

  4. Kewl³! I love the black and white outside in contrast to the flower power inside! Just like dear KaZw....

  5. mmh... was soll mir Featherrings jetzt sagen?

  6. kazw18:38

    mini karabiner!

  7. thank you all. all that counts is that yt likes it (but i appreciate positive feedback anyways! *g*) :)

    tini, ich meinte ja nur weil du nach den stitch markers gefragt hattest... ob die in die stiche eingehängt werden. die für´s stricken nicht, die gleiten auf der nadel entlang. die für´s häkeln hingegen sind "offen" und werden direkt in die maschen eingehängt.
    war ein gedankensprung von mir - sorry! *g*


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