Charles? Charles Baudelaire?

4. März 2007
I´m not getting into literature here with Monsieur Charles... but I was quite surprised that my socks have a pre-name!


I proudly present: Baudelaire by knitty - another great pattern by Cookie, whose patterns are not only very pretty but also very clear and easy to follow. The pattern repeat was easy to remember so I could just knit away and dream of spring...

They´re knit on 2.5 mm dpns with the wonderful hand-dyed yarn by "Rohrspatz und Wollmeise", color "Veilchen" ("Violet").
Because the pattern is kind of very busy I used a strand with little contrast, and I think it really turned out oh-so-well!
I made them in size S as I have very small feet, but I did use the adjustments for the higher instep. I´ve looked over the measurements for my Pomatomus socks and then decided to knit the higher instep - just for sure. Now I´m glad I did! *gg*
Those are the first toe-up-socks of my life... though it was fun knitting them I think I prefer knitting "the other direction" *g*.

crocus and baudelaire

The violets aren´t in bloom right now, but spring is in the air. Time to get some cool cotton yarn for the summer knits...

Want to see more Baudelaire socks on flickr?
Or do you enjoy browsing other lovely baudelaires in other knitter´s blogs as much as I do?

Whatever you may prefer doing now, I hope your day was as "blue" as mine!


  1. What a perfect colour! I love the blue shades....
    I didn't knit toe up yet because I thought it is too difficult.. mhm.. maybe I'll try it now.

  2. Oh, they are beautiful!!

  3. Thank you for this nice picture... I love it!
    Fabulous socks, too ;-)

  4. How do you just know what is on my knitting list and how do you finish all of them BEFORE me? LOL. love your poets socks :) Did you see all the yummy patterns on cookies blog... TDF

  5. I feel like Tini... but I'm glad you do, and you're happy with the patterns, then there is a chance I will be, too :)
    Beautiful spring dream socks!

  6. Excellent color choice for the Baudelaires! I didn't use a "muted" color scheme so mine didn't come out as nice as yours. But I loved the pattern! I'm sure I'll make it again soon!

    And thanks for including mine in your Baudelaire links! :)

  7. toe up...hmmmm i have tried and failed, okay not failed , just not liked as much - maybe i should try these...oh but time is running out!!!

  8. Those are great! So pretty! They really go with those lovely flowers, great photos.

  9. I made those too! Mine were heathered gray though, not so exciting! Did you wear them with those shoes? Lately socks are showing up with sandals and heels.


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