The aunt and her baby

2. März 2007
I really DID some sewing lately.
It took me three evenings to finally finish some very easy shirts (including ripping my collar three times!):

the aunt and her baby

Now my nephew and I will go to the pirate´s meeting in STYLE!

My shirt is just another version of "New Look 6160", pimped with a skull and crossbones patch that came along with my christmas present from Kerstin and a small embroidered button from Sonja (Thank you, Sonja!).

The baby´s tee is "Ottobre Design" (03/2006, mod. 13) - a quick and easy basic t-shirt, sized to fit him in summer.
Simply said: The leftovers from my shirt were too big to just throw them away, but too small to make anything for me from it except maybe some sleeves for another t-shirt.

I really love how the cute embroidery (from Farbenmix) on the front turned out!
You might recognize those skull motifs, they´re all around in blogland, and now here´s mine - a little simpler, not SO very colorful, but I like it... :)

the aunt and her baby

More pictures on flickr, as usual.

Arrrrrrrrrrr! Finally it´s done.
Sewing! I was missing my machine during those last few weeks... though knitting is fun, too ;)


  1. Really cute T's!! Love them!

  2. AMAZING!! They look so cool, anyone would love em!

  3. aahhh weeee laddiee...
    these turrrrned out grrrreaaat...

  4. kristin La Flamme12:16

    Arghh! You mateys will be lookin' super.

  5. Well done!
    Nice job on the cutified skull for the little pirate, these dots are just adorable!

  6. kewl³! AYE! Well done, lass... well done!

  7. wahnsinn!!! have to make for the baby!!!!!! love it!!!

  8. Anonymous11:03

    I love the Used Look of Sleeves and collar - how did you do that? Or is the effect in the fabric?


  9. very cool!

    teri....fellow ottobre fan


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