25. April 2007

Golden Ginko and pink and green with dots

Today was my mom's birthday.
I think my mom is the "only person" who doesn't own one of my bags, though she wanted one and told me so more than once. But, as usual, moms are the last to get what they want.
This time I decided it's time to make something that's worth being carried by one of the most important women in my life, and I ended up with this:

Ginko Handbag

It's made from dupioni silk in a rich creme and has a cotton lining in a matching color with two inside pockets and purchased curlicue bamboo handles.
The closure flap shows my first attempts in screen printing (using silk screens) and a trial with a special fabric foiling technique.
The silk is grid-quilted to a sew-in interfacing with a golden brown embroidery thread, I thought the clear grids will work well with my free motion embroidery and the golden ginko leaves...

Ginko Bag opened Detail

Honestly, I was pretty satisfied with the results and decided that the bag is worthy as a birthday present for my mom, and she really likes it - I'm so glad!

But, speaking of presents - I got presents, too!
Again I must say: Crafty people are better! They are generous and lovely and helping...
Yesterday a parcel with gorgeous self-striping sock-yarn from elemmaciltur was waiting for me at my doorstep,

i've got mail! XD

ready for being knitted up in its pink-and-green striped beauty, and today my pink, polka dotted joy came from Heidelberg:

shroom pincushion

Kristin sent me this cute² shroomy pincushion - I'm totally in love with it! I mean - it's pink, it's green, it has DOTS and pompom trim! What could a girl wish for more?! XD

Elemmaciltur, Kristin - THANKS a lot!
I love getting mail, and having had this joy twice this week really is a gift!

I'm on a short trip for a few days, so have a good time!
...and don't get too crafty without me having the possibility to spy!

Kommentare :

  1. The purse is fabulous. I really like how the free motion quilting looks over the gold foil. Outlining the shapes with stitching gives it great texture. Lucky mom!

  2. One fine handbag you've made, Katrin. The grid quilting works very well, oh, and the zipper... amazing and I'm impressed you do screen printing now, too.

  3. Your silk ginkgo bag is truly gorgeous. I think sometimes the reason the ones we love are the last to receive our handmade gifts is that we don't see anything as worthy of them. This one definitely is a special creation.

  4. you are SATISFIED?
    I would be absolutely proud and uber-happy, if I'd made such a beautiful bag! And screen-printing - wow! I hope, you show us more of that.
    And I love the pincushion, it just makes me smile!

  5. The bag is FANTASTIC! You've out done yourself. Lucky mom. I'm glad you like the pin cushion -- I'd been thinking of making something reciprocal since you sent me the mushroom knitting markers. The pink/green dots pretty much screamed you ;-) I think i'm going to have to go to Roedel this weekend and get some of that yarn too. Cheers!

  6. Katrin, I'm in awe of your bag making talents. This bag is more than just worthy, it's absolutely stunning. Your work is very professional and you should be so proud. I know your mom is going to enjoy it, who wouldn't!

  7. your mom is very lucky (even if she had to wait long ;) -- and you too! That wool, and the pin cushion... mmh...

  8. That bag is so high end, so classy and elegant. So sophisticated, and advanced! And what a cute pin cuhsion : )

  9. Ladies, I'm overwhelmed from your feedback - so kind of you! :)


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