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21. April 2007
Today the new Mrs. StyleBook arrived at my house, bursting with lovely new patterns and cute summer clothes. Here's some inspiration for you...

Inspiration to share

I mean... I just love those sleeves or the dress on the left... and I desperately need this pair of pants (along with the socks!!!), and I really like the raw edges on this jacket... and the funny dress from the funny, green fabric!
I wish I'd find something similar funny here (not neccessarily in green, though...)

Speaking of shared inspiration, I like to direct your attention to a new link in the upper left - right below my shop link you now see "Shared Inspiration", where you can see blog posts from other blogs I read (or lurk). It's a service from google reader, and I found this wonderful tool via Jen at movinghands.
After my rss reader failed badly over the last weeks I needed a new one anyway, so her posting came just right for me.
I also like the idea of being able to share what inspires me or what I consider as "beautiful", and maybe you'll find something you like, too?!

Have a nice weekend! I'll be busy... digging in my garden and testing some things. *g*


  1. twollin20:16

    How are you subscribing to Mrs. Stylebook? I've looked and looked and can't locate it in the US.

  2. what is this "ms. stylebook" you speak of?? i am intrigued...

  3. Katrin, thanks for the photos of the new issue! Those sleeves intrigue me as well.

  4. twollin, i didn't subscribe to it - i order every issue at a japanese bookstore here in germany.
    i also don't know where to get it in the US, but if you do know a japanese bookstore (i think i remember reading somewhere "kinokuya"?) they might be able to order this magazine for you on request.
    good luck!

  5. Those sleeves are everywhere here... some kind of "Keulenaermel", aren't they?! I think they would be very cute on you.
    I like the google reader, too, a nice tool to share inspiration, have been wanting to install it since I saw it on Jennifer's blog but simply don't come around to do it.
    By the way, looking at your site with Firefox, the shop /shared inspiration links appear to be on the upper right (not left), banner size is alright, coming here with Safari, the links are on the right, too, but the banner is filling the whole screen and I first have to scroll down a good deal to start seeing your blog entries. Now, off to what you think is worth being share with us... :-)


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