10. April 2007

Skulls ATC Swap

Some time ago I was totally in love with a certain posting from Kristin.
No, I wasn't really in love with the posting but more with the cards she pictured in her posting... Aren't they AWESOME?!

I felt like I needed to try making ATCs myself and after Kristin kindly encouraged me to do so, I just gave it a try.
Some days later I signed up for an ATC-Swap over on swap-bot that was themed "SKULLS". What a coincidence!
Here are the cool cards I've received:
Skulls ATC Swap
Of course I also sent out some ATCs, and it seems I was the only one who made the cards from fabric... amazing!

My cards aren't very artistic or beautiful, but I'm pretty proud of my first ATCs, so here's how I did it (in short...):
ATC-01From timtex or fast-2-fuse, cut 2.5" x 3.5" rectangles.
I've tried both interlinings, but for certain reasons I liked the fast-2-fuse better, but you may try yourself and find your fave.

I used my old lino-stamp and silver pigment ink to stamp skulls on (pink) cotton fabric.
The pigment ink won't wash out after it's heat set, though I don't think someone will wash the cards...

Then I cut out the stamped skulls and free motion embroidered them to precut woolfelt.

The woolfelt was cut bigger than the finished card.

The technique for embroidery / applique is basically the same I've used on my transvestite shirt - just MUCH smaller...

Fun part:
Cut and fray the edges!!!

Mark finished size of your ATC for placement of your embellishments.

EMBELLISH and have fun!

Iron your ATC´s front to fast-2-fuse as indicated.
Cut back woolfelt to finished size.
Iron ATC to backside fabric, cut backside fabric to finished size.

Using the satinstitch of your machine, zig-zag around the edges one or more times, depending on the look you want.

Sign cards and you're finished.
It's fun and they're pretty quick to make, once you've found your "rhythm".
Surely I'll be making some more when I find the time.

Thanks Kristin for encouragement and support - and another addiction! XD

Kommentare :

  1. Hey, you sure may be pretty proud of these cute ATCs of yours!! Meine Guete, Katrin, die sehen spassig aus, ganz Du und so gut gemacht! lass mich mal was free motion sticken mit der Maschine... Deine Skull sehen ziemlich gut aus!

  2. First time in your blog. I like your skulls! They're really cute. Your blog has other interesting things too.

  3. kristin La Flamme21:46

    See, I told you they were fun and easy! It is super that you found such a perfectly themed swap to encourage you too.

  4. LOVE THEM!! Great idea!!!


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