Amy, oh Amy...

23. Mai 2007
Remember lucky me from last year? Finally I used the second part of my win and made the cabo halter top from amy butler.

ab-front ab-backside

As you can see, I added (selfmade) piping in the seam under the bustline. I wouldn't have liked the many raw edges on the inside, so I decided to double the lower part of the top as well.
I also skipped the hook and eye (did you ever try to close a hook and eye on your back???) and used an 8" invisible zipper instead of the recommended 12" zipper, which I hadn't handy.
Now the interior looks almost as nice as the outside, if you ask me (but who does?!).

Seen in the whole, it didn't turn out perfect and I'm aware of it. The muslin fit well around the bust, but the actual piece kind of "gaps" a little, so I decided to stitch the overlapping bust pieces closed.

And now be prepared for some shocking news:
I LOVE the top in spite of it's imperfection!


I do love the piping and the accent fabric (from the "chocolate lollipop" collection by free spirit) I used for the left bust part, the tie and the small no-sew applique (Thanks Marietta for sending me steam-a-seam!).

After making some adjustments, I'll surely sew this pattern again - reducing my fat quarter stash.
Stay tuned. The grass will be greener over here.


  1. Well, it looks PERFECT to me! I love it, very well done!! :)

  2. I've got thhat pattern but haven't had the courage to try it yet.
    I like the way you've used those fabrics.

  3. Very nice...thanks for showing the inside, which is beautifully finished!

  4. This is the best, tastefully made halter top I have seen from this pattern. It is so sophisticated and fun and sexy at the same time. Congrats! Love your sunroom and your view too.

  5. great! just the right outfit for friday. long to see that live. there must be a red carpet for you.

  6. anea18:10

    Looks really gret! You should be glad that you have the figure to wear it.

    BTW, hook and eye on my back? That's the way I close my bra every day :-)

  7. Gorgeous work, I love it!! I've had that pattern for awhile now, too - I have to make it this summer!!

  8. You're expecting a nice hot summer, aren't you?
    kewl³ top!

  9. Marisa00:33

    I think it turned out great!

  10. So creative and looks fabulous on you and such skillful work. It looks lovely, inside and out.

  11. o.k. why didn't I comment this so far?
    Fabouliscious :)


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