Dye for me!

20. Mai 2007
Orange isn't my color.
In fact, I really hate orange.
I don't know what got into me when I bought five skeins of bright orange cotton yarn by Lana Grossa back some years ago.
Meanwhile the yarn ("Toccata") isn't available anymore and in the need of "destashing" I was searching for an idea to put it in good use finally.
Rebecca # 33 brought up the solution with model no. 22, a silk lace top.
The recommended yarn in the magazine wasn't my choice (Let's face it... I don't pay 11 euros per skein, though I love silk... call me scrooge!), so I substituted it with my 100% cotton yarn.

Though my gauge was correct, my version isn't as long as the top pictured in the magazine, but I think that's because the silk yarn tends to "hang out". I don't mind, and I really like my shorter version :)

Dye for me!

Of course I knew exactly that I never-ever will wear an ORANGE top (Orange you glad I told you? ...), so I dyed it the easy way, using Simplicol textile dyes.

Dye for me!

Better, don't you agree?!

Being at it, I also dyed a piece of tussah silk, which came out a bit shabby and grungy.
I didn't go for this look, but thinking about it twice and thinking about my planned "embellishments" to this piece, I was VERY satisfied with it.
That's what I wanted, even though I didn't knew it from the start!

Have a nice sunday, and may unexpected things happen the way you expected it.


  1. Wow, I love your lace top. I didn't even mind it in the orange however, if you're not going to wear it you were smart to dye it. Very lovely indeed and you look fabulous in it.

  2. Wonderful! That's an awesome lace top and you really look good in it (on both versions ;) )!

  3. kristin L17:18

    That top is gorgeous!! Of course, I LOVE orange. It looks pretty darned good in black too, and since you'll definitely wear black that was a great solution. (You can send the next orange one to me -- I think we're about the same size ;-))

  4. Wow, it's amazing how "black" it turned out! I would have thought, that somehow the orange might affect the "darkness" of the black colour when dyeing.
    Cute top, though!... in both colours... :)

  5. Wow! Good for you!

  6. hey cool top!
    I can sooooo relate that you did not want to wear orange! I love the pattern! Lucky you, that your lace top came out soo great! How is Serano coming along?

  7. That looks like it was fun to knit, too.
    I think the piece of dyed silk, the grungy one, is wunderbar! I can see a skirt, with red embroidery, or something.

  8. Alles so schön bunt hier! Alles neu macht der Mai? Und gar kein schwarz, bin ganz überrascht ;)
    Das Top ist toll geworden, und die Fotocollagen dazu auch!

  9. your top looks great - in both orange and black, tho i am more black than orange too...i wish i could get those dyes here...some of the best dyes i have ever worked with and they hold up wash after wash after wash! - how did you do that cool photo collage?

  10. charlotte06:27

    what a wonderful pattern! you should do that again with a brighter color. the pattern is more visible in....let's say red or magenta.

    a fine top for a tea party *hint*

    (why did blogger harm to my first comment?)

  11. Wow that's really beautiful!

  12. That's so lovely, Katrin. And very clever to dye it to make it a piece you actually would wear. I have a feeling this summer will turn out very, very lacy. At least here in Japan, I see crochet and knit lace everywhere... but maybe that is only because I just started to make lace...
    11 Euros for one skein??? Not bad.

  13. Sarah03:47

    The black is nice (and will go with everything) but I LOVE the orange (at least as it appears on my monitor). I have a "thing" for orange though. And green too. ;)


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