11. Mai 2007

I'm late, I'm late! A short tutorial on free motion embroidery.

Some time ago I participated in a swap themed "Alice in Wonderland".
Of course I needed to join, loving the book as well as the many films - my nickname isn't chosen accidentally!

After knowing that my package arrived at it's destination and that my partner liked what she got (yay me!), I put together a small (very small. tiny!) tutorial on free motion embroidery, which was used for my main item, namely a wristlet (Yes, I DO have a deep affection towards wristlets lately!).
free motion embroidery - finished

I started with the zipper already sewn to lining and outside fabric.
Outside fabric was interlined with a fusible and additionally tear-away stabilizer underneath the embroidery area.
Then I sketched the outlines of my motif (the white rabbit) to another sheet of tear-away stabilizer (a scrap from some machine embroiery done lately) and pinned it in place on the wristlet.
Hint: Don't get lost in details! You can add details later, for now all we want is a simple, basic shape to work from.
free motion embroidery - step 1
Sink the transport of your machine, stitch length should be down to zero. The length of your stitches will be determined on how fast you move the fabric. It's almost like free motion quilting!

*** Save time and tears: Be sure to test thread tension before every of the following steps on some scraps before you work on the actual piece! ***

Using the free motion quilting foot of my machine and some embroidery thread, I outlined the motif the first time.
free motion embroidery - step 2
Of course "normal" sewing thread works just as well, but I don't have a great variety of colors of the latter.
Oh, you don't have to care about uneven stitches - it's part of the fun! ;)

Tear away the stabilizer on top of your fabric. You'll now have a simple outline embroidery to work with.

free motion embroidery - outlined

You may now use any stitch that comes to your mind - I mainly used zigzag and straight stitch to add color and pattern to the rabbits clothes and to add some shaddow here and there.
*** If you use zigzag or some fancy stitch, be sure to check stitch width before you start to sew - you don't want your needle to hit the foot, break and hurt your eye. Take that from a woman who wears glasses! ***
When I was satisfied with the result, I outlined the white shapes two times more, so the "fur" and the color would pop out a bit more (view detail)

Personally, I went for that kind-of-transparent look, but you may fill it out completely or use more colors, add more details... the options are endless.
This is one of my first experiments on this technique and I'm happy with the results.
alice in wonderland swap - bunny wristlet

I think this is a very nice technique, and I surely will try out some more when I run across a project that requires some embellishment.

For now I wish you a happy weekend and lots of fun trying something new - ANYTHING new!

Kommentare :

  1. Wonderful! I got a free motion quilting foot with my new SM; seing how it is used is very helpful to me! Thank you for sharing!

  2. charlotte07:36

    thx for sharing this idea. you can bet I try something very new today...wish me luck!

    gonna try a little free motion fighting dwarf one day...

  3. i like how the bunny is transparent and the coat is not... it is more fun that way. in a way it makes it look like more time was spent on it than looking like a simple iron on patch. i hope that makes sense. :)

  4. Fabulous tutorial. I rarely do this kind of work myself but your tutorial sure compels me to start. Also love the new blog look.

  5. Very nice. I have never heard of Wrestlets before. Seems handy.
    I made a barrette to go with your Hare...for a nice tea party.
    You can see it at www.quiltarchitect.blotspot.com

    Have fun.


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