Ich hab mein Herz...

28. Mai 2007
...in Heidelberg verloren. ...
Actually I didn't lose my heart in Heidelberg, though it surely is a very lovely city.

We went there this weekend because my sister got her bachelors degree at the UMUC.
She's one of the students who continued their studies via the internet after leaving the states, and in spite of not being a native speaker she repeatedly made it to the National Dean's List over the last years and is member of the honor society of Phi Theta Kappa.
Guess who's a proud sister!!! (Hint: She has red hair and owns a blog...)
The graduation took place in Heidelberg, so we took the chance and included some sightseeing in the trip.

Scraps of Heidelberg

You may recognize another familiar face - I met Charlotte in Heidelberg and had a very nice evening together with her and Betty (pictured in the middle) *g*.
It's wonderful to meet a "kindred spirit" now and then, chatting away the hours, knowing she'll understand at least some of your madness.
I got adorable presents from her, including a blue/green fat quarter for my stash - as if she knew what's up next on my table...! She also made me some of the most awesome bags for my shoes (remember I have too many?), a wonderfully stitched purse and brought me a "pink & kitschy kitty notebook" - I LOVE IT! It's just perfect for my pink mad hatter inside.
We went through the city, had dinner and some ice cream, and she showed me places where no tourist would look at. *eg*
Es war mir wie immer ein echtes Vergnügen - Danke, Charlotte! Bis zum nächsten Mal! :)

The next day was filled up with visiting the Heidelberg castle, the old bridge and having a boat tour on the Neckar. We were also strolling around in the old city of Heidelberg, lurking cool shops and seeing some of Kristins awesome quilts live, including the lovely "Fliegenpilz II".

And .... Guess what! ...
YES, on sunday in the evening I met the artist herself! XD
Silly me had no camera at hand, so I didn't take a pic, but it was very nice meeting Kristin in person. (To be honest: I was so nervous about it, I almost died. The same feeling like meeting E&K for the first time.)
I really enjoyed our meeting and surely will let you know when I visit HD again so we can have a coffee! ^.^

Our family had much fun this weekend - more impressions of our trip on flickr.


  1. Darling, you shouldn't die in front of people.. you know, they're just people! *ggg*

    Congratulations to your wonderful weekend!

  2. charlotte22:33

    nice weekend, nice pics.
    it was a pleasure, dear. I understood everything ;), buying, stashing, working...

    I could get used to dine with a lady with suspenders. next time we should wear them, too!

    c u next time, anywhere in this country! it was a nice evening in a romantic city!

    thank you for the pics of the ape. muahahaha.

  3. Kristin L22:46

    Kerstin's right, and I was a bit nervous myself. But... I really enjoyed our beer and conversation. Now you and I AND Charlotte need to get together. Certainly *I* have never looked some of the places Charlotte has! Congratulations to your sister (and now we know what you'd look like without your red hair).

  4. oooh, why just why is Heidelberg so far away ( and why can't I sleep at 11.30 p.m. when I have to get up at 5.30 a.m.?)? Seems that you had a great weekend!
    If you like, we do have the PR weekend this year in Kiel :)
    Lovely city btw but no LUSH! OOOOH how I envy you! sounds like a great day

  5. sorry, me again.
    Kewl new look for the blog, just saw that now! And how does one make such a sampler of pics at flickr?

  6. charlotte01:52

    I always want to see every...detail of the artists work.
    we should create some work with little surprises in it. *eg*

  7. I just found your blog this weekend - I love looking through all the pictures and the beautiful sights (and what a lovely livingroom view you have). My grandmother lives over in Vienna. Looking through all your pictures with the beautiful spring greenery makes me want to travel! Your sewing is wonderful and so creative - love it!

  8. oh, now I'm jealous, I like HD very much, and I'd also like to meet some bloggers! Let's see when I manage to get there for the next time... but perhaps not before I get to some other place in Germany, and see a red-haired blogger ;)
    Congrats to your sister!

  9. i have been to Heidelberg only once and loved it (great dampfknoedeln!) Too bad you weren't actually at the home base for your sister's grad celebration, it is 5 miles from me!:)
    your blog is looking cooler and cooler - when do YOU get your book deal? :)

  10. Btw... NO WOMAN ever has TOO many shoes!
    They`re just essentials!

  11. Thank you for your comment on my post! :) These pix look like so much fun and the city is so pretty now I want to go :)

  12. Anonymous14:46

    Nice pics. And Charlotte looks quite fresh in her turquoise costum ;-).

    Gruß, Bloomsbury


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