Lovely green

6. Mai 2007
Everything is green right now.
My yard, my car, my shoes, charlottes brooch... the lovely linen I bought some time ago...
It was laying around, waiting for me to find a pattern to "suit" it. I couldn't decide for one, I was thinking the fabric needed a clean, clear, simple pattern so the crinkled look and the shot colors come out right.

Finally I found it in one of my japanese sewing books. Where else could I find something that would suit the linen fabric?!?

After I finished the dress I found that it was too wide for my taste (though the measurements matched the finished measurements given), so i ripped the sideseams a little below the bust darts and cut some more bias to add some ribbons to tie the dress in the back. Now I like the look better than before :)
Side-note: If you don't own a bias maker for 0.6 cm bias - don't make some! It almost freaked me out!


What I especially like about the dress is that it can be worn with jeans and a tee as well as "solo" (Okay. You NEED an underdress!). It turned out to be very versatile, and the green just looks great with my favourite non-color-color!

Have a nice week!

More pics on flickr.


  1. Great dress, one of my favorite colors also. Is that your house with all the windows and the funky basket weave chair???? Very cool!

  2. What a cool dress, Katrin!
    It's perfect. I like it either way, and the green colour is so beautiful. Well done.
    What were you doing when your husband cought you? Priceless expression on your face!

  3. "caught" I meant...

  4. kristin La Flamme09:15

    Cute dress-- it suits teh fabric and it suits you.

  5. charlotte15:59

    cute dress for a beautiful innocent mad :D summer can come now!

  6. So very pretty and feminine. Absolutely perfect with the addition of the ribbons to cinch it in.

  7. Just perfect! The fabric is ideal for the model and that shade of green is fabulous! You look awesome in it!

  8. it's so wonderful, it looks super on!

  9. What a lovely dress!

  10. Saw your review at PR and commented there. Really like your dress, I love green so that is also appealing.

    Where does one acquire the Sew Talk patterns? Please share your source.

  11. many thanks, ladies! :)

  12. Cute dress. And the fabric is perfect for it. I am in green mood lately, too. Also, contemplating on trying one of the designs from "Pattern Magic" by Nakamichi Tomoko.

  13. I hope this comment reaches you... I just started a blog on Japanese sewing patterns and I'm wondering (since you said you don't bite in your footnote) if I can put a link to your site in my blog.

  14. Katrin, I am going to make this pattern next, and use your suggestion to make ties for the back. That gives it such a flattering shape, plus easy sewing. I favorite-d your photo of this dress ages ago, and now want to finally make one of my own. So thanks for the tip!


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