There and back again...

1. Mai 2007
... a mad hatter's tale.

Lord of the Rings - The Exhibition

I was THERE, and it was awesome and breathtaking, really worth the trip. I loved the exhibition and the way it was made up.
I didn't like the facts that photography was prohibited and that they didn't have a detailed catalog of the exhibits - that was pretty poor!
To get some small insights you may view this page of the Te Papa Tongarewa museum (New Zealand) and the LOTR Costume Research page for some useful links on the whole "costume thing" or the official LOTR website.

The "making ofs" were adorable, from the development of the shire to the building of the Golden Hall of Eduras. I also loved the movie about the 10 hrs make-up of the Uruk-Hai warriors and seeing how the computer animated Gollum was made.
Stunning! No words will describe it well enough, though a non-fan probably will never know what I'm talking about.

Brandenburger Tor

You already know by now that I spent a few days in the city that never sleeps, namely Berlin. An inspiring, roaring, big, wonderful yet ugly city. Loud, massive city of opposites.
Of course we went to the most important tourist-scenes, like the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, and Sanssouci. (No wonder they called it Sanssouci ("without sorrow") back then - if you could afford a place like that, it's most likely you don't have sorrows!)

Mommseneck Hackescher Markt

We had lots of fun exploring the nightlife and the new and old sights of Berlin, though we didn't see half of the interesting things.
Our pictures of Berlin can be found on flickr, as usual (I promise there will be mainly sights, not the hubby and me! *g*).

On our way home we stumbled across "FILMKOSTÜME", an exhibition of the Filmmuseum Berlin. (See a pdf-Version of the Exhibition here.)
It was totally gorgeous for me to see dresses worn by Winona Ryder, Romy Schneider or even Marlene Dietrich... some of my childhood heroes came to life while seing those costumes. Unfortunately photography wasn't allowed there, either :(
At least they had a good shop and I was able to buy a book to cuddle up with.

In the end I'm back here. Or will be back there. Some time.


  1. charlotte17:35

    aaaah, beautiful berlin! you have been to my favourite place, hope you liked it in the hackesche höfe. where did you stay? adlon, I hope, would suit the beautiful lady with the hat.

  2. anea17:58

    How dare you write that Berlin is ugly! It is wonderful, beautiful, inspiring...

    Okay, I may be biased because it's my hometown but nevertheless...

    Do never ever write this again!

  3. Your trip must have been wonderfully inspiring. I'd love to visit Berlin.

  4. Wow! I'd love to visit Berlin someday too! BTW, I'm a big LOTR fan too! I remember reading the tree volume story in a row! I couldn't stop reading!

  5. oh the filmkostueme......i just saw a hing on euromaxx on DWTV here in the states all about it and the jeolous that you went...need to get this baby a passport quick!

  6. I envy you! Everbody has seen the dead Boromir but me...
    It would have been a hell lot of fun to go with several "hobbyschneiderinnen" into this exhibition.... we would have turned every piece inside out...

  7. I am so envious! I would love to travel.
    BTW, that was a great skirt tutorial you did. Even I could understand it. :-)

  8. my hubby and i have deutschland marked on our 'places we have to see one day' list. One day... :)


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